Friday, September 30, 2011

new beginings

a few of my girlfriends started quilting this year. when we had the  opening of  the Retreat they came along to see what all the fuss was about. They could'nt wait to come and stay and get away from the kids and hubby for a weekend. So I said they could only come if they quilt....Thats's a little mean isnt it? Well anyway off they went to classes, both Jill and Carolyn have made a sampler quilt and loving the whole journey of quilting. Which is what I love about our art. Its the journey and the people along the way not just the destination. So I just wanted to share Jills quilt that I have just been sent today via I phone ...dont you love technology? and hasn't she done a great job so far. I saw Carolyn this morning and she was off to the Patchwork shop to pick out some fabric to go with a quilt she is making. We have been on Retreat and decided to make twice a year and are having a ball. So if you have some friends that need a little push maybe they will discover the love and creativity of Patchwork and Quilting too. Remember if you want to escape for the weekend with your Circle of Friends. Please come and stay anytime.

Cheers and happy sewing.

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Kate said...

That quilt is just lovely - so fresh and sweet. Well done!!!