Monday, October 3, 2011

school house block swap.

 Well some years ago I was part of a block swap and still have not put them together, I am ashamed to say. .. But  I do believe in things happening for a reason, and all that so now I am on  a quest to finish this lovely quilt as it will be perfect up on the wall at the Retreat. When I lived in Adelaide in mid 1999 I belonged to a lovely craft group of Airforce wives. Which when your a defence spouse it is a wonderful way of meeting new friends who are in the same situation as you.  We all had to make 10 blocks exactly the same and then swap one with everyone else. I wasn't very competent at the foundation piecing back then so I have redone my own block as I kept the worst for me and  part of another girls block that wasn't quite square, but that's ok I think she would forgive me. To complete these blocks I have done (also many years ago) a stitchery to place in the middle, now all i need to do is fix a few little things and put it all together. Am I alone or do you have a bag with an unfinished treasure too?

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Miriam said...

Love your house blocks. I want to make a house quilt one day.

Far too many unfinished treasures here! Lol!
Working through a couple of them at the moment.