Tuesday, August 30, 2011

polka dot binding

Yeah I have just finished quilting Pink Chocolate over the weekend with Fleetwood Mac blasting on the stereo, whilst home alone, it was such a treat and now I am up to the binding.
On a few blog's of recent weeks, months there has been discussion on the binding of quilts. Well I am there and happy to say looking forward it finishing it. Yeah. I am looking forward to sitting on the lounge watching movies and finishing off this quilt and the other joy is we are in the middle of a storm this afternoon in Brissy with the rumbles and the rain. Yeah guilt free hand sewing for me.

Happy stitching and binding

Monday, August 29, 2011

Quilt Retreat

 Last week this little beauty arrived in the post. A quilt made by my mum for the  Quilt Retreat to go on one of the beds that is yet to have a quilt. Mum we love it so much we think we are going to keep it for ourselves at home. The colours are so wonderful all mixed in and the border in that green, well you know I love green so, it may get up there when the weather gets warmer but Mum we love it and have all been wrapped up in it since it arrived. Thanks and we love you.....
The  pattern for this quilt is called "girlish charm". Mum went happily through her scraps and says it hasn't made a dent in it yet .  A great scrap buster pattern.

Happy Monday


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Circle Retreat Bloggy Workshop

Hi I have been flat out this week with loads going on in my life having a birthday was also in the mix. I had a great time and its great to be 26 again. This is my favourite kind of age I think, and I feel wiser but not older. Anyway. next weekend is our bloggy work shop so if you or any of your friends are free next weekend, we would love to have you join us. just go to the link www.makeitblogit.com
I have been a bit slack on the sewing front, but its rainy today so planning on getting some more stars done.

Cheers Stacey

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Circle Retreat for Christmas

As we come to the end of Winter and start thinking about summer once again, I wanted to let you know that Circle Retreat is open for School holiday breaks for you and your  extended family. As you know when the girls go on retreat the dont retreat in the school holidays, so we are hanging out the vacant sign for summer holidays. We sleep up to 14 so great for a family gathering with loads of space and 10mins to the Sunshine Beaches,. Pool in the back yard and close to all attractions. So if you want to contact me re rates and further details please go to the website and send me a message thru the contact form. Cant wait for Summer yeah... I am sick of wearing boots, what about you?

have a great day.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Lemon Buttery Stars

 Well hi, on Wednesday it was a public holiday here and my list of things I wanted to do that didn't involve house work was long and blissful, but of course I didn't get as much done as was on the list. Hubby and I walked the pooch early and there was this lemon tree, limbs bending with big fat lemons and all over the ground. So what's a girl to do when she is over run at home with eggs and finds lemons? yes Lemon Butter, so I have this great microwave recipe and away I went. Whilst the oven is on sterilising jars I figured I would make a nine egg quiche for lunch.... is that a bit eggseive? ha
I had a fabulous day got to make another star for my quilt-only one more to go and its on this weekends agenda. Watched some Pride and Prejudice whilst I was sewing, drinking a little sav blanc, and had a long hot bath before bed. Yes Please I want every Wednesday off please....

Cheers Stacey

Monday, August 15, 2011

Make it Blog it

My new Bangle I made... So "I have Made it and Blogged it"....What do you think?
Hi there, do you cruise around peoples blog's and really want to join in the blogging fun, but dont know quite where to start or how to continue? Well on Saturday Sept 3rd come along to the "Make it Blog it" Workshop to find out the ins and outs of blogging. Or maybe your like me, who just stumbles her way along, but not 100% sure on what she is doing. Nova would love you to come along meet some Blogging friends and have some of those questions answered. Go to  www.makeitblogit.com to see what is happening and the details. If you have friends that live in South East Queensland and would like some help please direct them to Make it Blog it.

Cheers happy Blogging


Apple Season

 Well is your family like mine? In Apple season I buy lots and they have to be Granny smith and pink lady, like John West the rest get rejected. on occasion these sneak into my basket and get left to go a little wrinkly. Now the best thing i have bought for the kitchen in quite soem time is these great apple peeler and core remover. And its fab for making apple pie. Yum. my also favourite kitchen gadget is the electronic scales. They are the best thing ever.

Cheers and happy Monday


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hexie Happiness

                The happiest of people don't have the best of everything,
                              but they just make the best of everything they have.

This is such a lovely statement and true about all aspects in our life, so be happy and make hexies, or whatever it is that floats your boat, do it with happiness in your heart. Some of you may ask where all this philosophy is coming from? well you only have to watch the news to see London ablaze and wonder why this could happen................people without a job, a focus a purpose and unhappiness.

Live simply. Love generously, Care deeply and Speak kindly.

Be kind to yourself 

Cheers Stacey

Monday, August 8, 2011

Moda Baking

Hmmmmm Jelly Rolls. Don't they look yummy.
 Well a few weeks ago, I bought myself the Moda Bake shop book Fresh Fabric Treats from one of my local patchwork stores. Now I must say I dont usually buy myself books, Patterns but not the books ahhh i find it easier to part with $50.00 of fabric not a book..... this little gem with 16 patterns only $30 odd dollars  yeah and it is so lovely I particularly like the star quilt on the cover. I did make the little plastic.. bag from the book this afternoon and it took no time at all.... I need another bag like I need another fat quarter....oh well you get that don't you. This is a lovely book so keep an eye out for this one.

Oops its upside down but you get the idea.
Happy Baking  Stacey

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Duck Egg Blue

My duckies are back on the lay and here are 4 little blue ones

Pink Chocolate all together with my menagerie in the background and the 4 legged one too.

 Taylor loves her Jumper  thanks Nana. x
The Duck Napoleon has turned out to be Josephine, so we are getting more eggs than usual...I have 4 ducks and 6 chookies and they are wonderful recyclers of all kitchen scraps, give super eggs and the obvious.... fertiliser. They free range on our land of 3 acres and have the happiest of life when the dog isn't chasing them of course. I delivered some eggs to Michelle and the lovely Liisa, yesterday and her hubby loves duck eggs, apparently they are hard to find, so I will have to deliver some more soon.
I have to send a big thank you to my Mum who has knitted this jumper for Taylor without a pattern and a newspaper outline of one Taylor bought this season and needed another, ohh please do you think Nan would knit one for me I so loooove it.....

So thanks Nana she loves it.....xxxxx

Whooo hooo.
Have a happy day,


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazing talent

The Three dimensional Poppies were out standing and the colours amazing.

This was another stand out favourite of mine.

Does it get any better than the exquisite Blue Ginger Jars?
These Quilts were all part of the  Jem's Brookfield Quilt Show a few weekends ago and I was inspired and awed at the amazing talent of these Amazing Women. Mind you who has the time for such creations? It would take me a month of Sundays and the patients of a Saint..... yes not in my life time will I have either of those. Maybe when I retire and go on permanent Quilt Retreat. Anyone care to join me?

Happy Stitching


Monday, August 1, 2011


This is one of my favourite quilts from the Jems quilt show. I love the Poppies.

Hi as you will remember from a previous post Nova and I have put our heads together to put  a bloggy  workshop on for you. My contribution is the venue  and afternoon tea of course. So for those bloggers who would like some tips, and expand there knowledge. Nova is the girl for us she assures me no techi speak and lots of laughs.  I have started my list of questions I would like help with, so if you have a list we would love you to come along, so go to http://makeitblogit.com  and register and let Nova know your questions. I am really looking forward to meeting with you all on the 3rd of September.

Happy Blogging