Thursday, December 29, 2011

Phuket Christmas

A Christmas Tree Quilt in Buderim  made by my Mum

Merry  Christmas to you all. I hope you all had a wonderful festive day. Ours was rather an  un orthodox and definitely non traditional. We went to Phuket this Christmas, had a top time and celebrated our 17yr old graduating high school and being accepted into 'Uni for 2012.  We couldn't be more proud or happy for her.

So off we went to Thailand and had a great time, shopped till we dropped all came home with a top tan and had loads of facials and Massages. Even Hubby, poor guy stuck with all these females, who love to shop etc.
 Here is Miss 14 with a Pineapple fruit cocktail for like $5.00........ sooo cool. Oh and i cut her hair off whilst we there.... her request and its now 6" shorter.
We went Elephant trekking and had the best morning ever the elephants were so loved and well treated by there handlers, we all got to sit up front and ride........... more pics to come. I just love this photo of them. I have taken a pic of the original hence the large white spot. But I figured you would all forgive me.
So I hope you are all relaxed and looking toward 2012 with happy hearts and a lovely list of to do's for the coming year.
so sending all my love and hugs to you all.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just having a go.

Back with label built in.

Well the binding is done and whilst I don't love this quilt it has come up quite nicely. I am happy with the quilting. This year has been really wonderful for me. I have become excited and passionate about fabric and sewing again. Whilst  I haven't hit my strides I feel more comfortable just getting on with giving a pattern a go, instead of being to afraid of ruining that gorgeous fabric. With this quilt I bought the fabric and cut it up all in the same week or month. This is very unlike me, I still have wonderful Robyn Pandorf fabric from 10 years ago, that I havent been able to cut up.  A job for 2012.
So thanks again to the world of blogging and a few of my friends who are quilters that inspire me to have a go.......

Happy sewing

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sew Mama Sew



Inside with 3 pockets for cards n stuff.

Well I sat up last night making this great little bag to put in the Sew Mama Sew give-away that's on at the moment. Well after much fluffing about this morning I still could not link up and I am so not tech savvy. Anyway I have gifted it to myself, this new cool little bag for my summer holiday. I only need some local currency, my phone or camera and my hotel key. Phuket here I come.
When the silly season is done and I dont have a million things going on I will be able to work it out for the next give away.
Anyway what do you think of my little bag, wallety thing? Pattern by Valeri Wells .

Cheers Stacey

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Slippers with Soul

 Recently I was looking though a few old mags and happily ripping out some patterns for one day I may have the time to make this lovely item, and came across this knitting pattern. Now I am not a knitter but my mum who lives in Goolwa Adelaide is. Mum meets with some ladies every fortnight, who live in retirement style living, maybe a little lonely for company and have time to explore there crafty side or learn a new skill. So mum has been gathering them together for some wonderful home baked goodness, and girlie time for many years. So I sent off this little Pattern to Mum for her and the ladies to test out. 
Now  Slippers with Soul maybe something you can recommend and pass onto your mum or a friend who may have a knitting passion and a soul for helping out others in our community. My Mum has made in 6 weeks  over 20 pairs and Mum tells me that 1 x 100gm ball makes 2 1/2 pairs of slippers, and she says even I could knit them. Well Mum that maybe a stretch but I love wearing them all the same. Maybe you have family in a nursing home who would love a pair for Christmas. Mum was an aged care Nurse for many years and she says they are perfect as the will stay on and not difficult to slip on someone's feet.

 thanks Mum my favourite colour too.

This is what they look like made up.
Thanks Mum I love them and thrilled you love them too.

Happy Knitting Stacey

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thank you.............

Denise Schmidt Fairground squares.

just needs the binding.
Its funny really, I love all the wonderful inspiration that I get from reading  all your blog's,  Your wonderful journey through your fabrics and crafting that is life, your family joys etc. But I hate that I lose so much time out of my days and nights cruising the blog world, secretly wishing I was half as talented as you, with all that time to sew, and complete projects. Wishing that i could stay at home 24/7 sewing. baking and being an awesome house keeper... ah der did I really say that... well I really want Alice Brady to live behind my kitchen and cook and clean and wash and look after my wonderful family. Ah well that fairy tale is not happening, at least not today.
So I am trying a new tact,  Rachel gave me her tip, stay away from the computer and sew for an hour every night. I know right I am a mother of teenagers this my mantra to them all the time. Keep off facebook and be time savvy. So I have been busy sewing and last night I put this quilt together and quilted her up last night and up again at 5.30 am finishing her off . I just need to do the hand sewing of the binding. Yeah so a big thank you to you all for being awesome and inspirational and pushing me on to sew  be creative and  happy.

Thank you

Monday, December 5, 2011

duckie update

Just couldn't help myself but wanted to send you all a little Duckie afternoon photo. Still awaiting any brother or sister for this little bubba.
Once again I find myself home alone..... yippee so I have basted a quilt together have my machine ready and Mr Darcy on stand by... why that sounds rather odd but I think you know I mean Pride n Prej on the dvd...  see ya


hexagons and new liife

 This morning I could hear the dog yapping and whining out near the chook house, and on investigating look who arrived during the night. We have been counting the days trying to work out when Mother duck started sitting and you know ducks are not very good sitters right? at least not the Jemima puddle duck variety, which is what our ducks are. Indian runners. So I have rescued this little ducky from the pond this morning as she hopped in and couldnt get out. Isnt he or she the cutest little thing?
So Mother is back on her nest this morning as there is one more egg to hatch so fingers crossed. Now the fun begins trying to keep the balance of nature......Snakes, foxes, dingos and puppy dogs at bay.

On the sewing front I have been back on the hexagons this week and thrilled to be finally on the borders. this long project has been neglected over the last few months but I totally love being able to sit and sew these as my time permits. you know I will still be posting about this quilt for the next 12 months. I don't see it finished any time soon unfortunately. I cant wait to make another out of a jelly roll instead of my scrap bag this time. Mind you I have bought  a number of fat quarters to add just the right shade of purple or yellow...........well you would have too I am sure.

I hope to have 2 duckies to show you tomorrow.
Happy Sewing Stacey

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winners are Grinners

 Okay the lucky winners of the fab Little Wallet by Valorie Wells are Christine and Lynda. I will get them off to you tomorrow so you girls can get sewing for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I am hoping I have fixed my little problem with comments so if you could leave me a line and say hi that would be great. I have been busy with life, so hope you are all well and sewing up a storm. The rain has finally arrived in Brisbane today so am grateful for a cooler night and some sewing time. I hope to have some finished projects to show you soon.

Cheers Stacey

The Winners will be sent the wallet and the pattern. 

The Grinners in Times Square NYC