Friday, September 30, 2011

new beginings

a few of my girlfriends started quilting this year. when we had the  opening of  the Retreat they came along to see what all the fuss was about. They could'nt wait to come and stay and get away from the kids and hubby for a weekend. So I said they could only come if they quilt....Thats's a little mean isnt it? Well anyway off they went to classes, both Jill and Carolyn have made a sampler quilt and loving the whole journey of quilting. Which is what I love about our art. Its the journey and the people along the way not just the destination. So I just wanted to share Jills quilt that I have just been sent today via I phone ...dont you love technology? and hasn't she done a great job so far. I saw Carolyn this morning and she was off to the Patchwork shop to pick out some fabric to go with a quilt she is making. We have been on Retreat and decided to make twice a year and are having a ball. So if you have some friends that need a little push maybe they will discover the love and creativity of Patchwork and Quilting too. Remember if you want to escape for the weekend with your Circle of Friends. Please come and stay anytime.

Cheers and happy sewing.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chicago, New York, Houston Tips?

Well its just over two weeks now till I am off. I am going to Chicago for a work trip/ Sales incentive that I worked my butt off to win... yeah super excited. Apparently we tour the factory- that's the work bit. Then we go shopping and to Jazz clubs and to a baseball game oh and then more shopping I hope, ohh and then an Al Capone tour or some such thing. Its all rather overwhelming and exciting. There is 5 of us going in total from Oz and Nz. 3 of us have deceided to go to New York for a week and then I am going onto to Houston on my own. for Quilt Market and Festival..... omg I am so excited and cant begin to imaging my postage bill between clothes, fabric and books I cant wait. So If you have any tips or place's I MUST see please drop me a line or 2. I am open to all advice...17days to go.... Yipeee. If anyone reading this blog  is going to Houston this year I would love to meet up for say dinner, as I said I dont know a soul but I guess I will by the end of it all.
Cheers Stacey

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Australian Patchwork and Quilting

Hi all I have just read this lovely article in APQ and in case you are not a reader of this magazine I wanted you to see this lady's blog. Her name is Rebecca Johnson and she is a lovely, talent young lady with some beautiful designs. I am particularly taken with this one below Curlicue Crush. Wow what's not to love and the colour mix of lights darks and the red looks fab.... oh no another project to add to my list. Please pop over to Chasing Cottons and look for yourself. Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sometimes in life you need a bowl of coffee and pretend your sitting in a french cafe having macaroons from Laudree......... ahh alas I am not but I am at French Twist in Chermside pretending...
We spend so much time in our life running here there and everywhere, Kids to every destination across town its easy to not stop for yourself. I remember my mum saying that when she would go to town she would always stop to have a coffee on her own in a cafe. I told her I didn't really do that. Well now down the track and kids older and not screaming for attention I do stop. In fact I look forward to it, I am happy with my own company now and love watching the passing parade of people go by, sometimes I reminise about having coffee with my mum sitting across from the Louvre on an October afternoon. So I hope you take time to smell the coffee today. And if you haven't done it in a while phone your mum today.....


Friday, September 23, 2011

The triangle

Really some times the simple  triangle can be the best. This wall quilt has hung in 6 of my homes from Adelaide to Brisbane. That is how many times I have moved since this was made. The colours go well with most décor and I love that visually it gives you a few different looks. I am thinking that I may make a large version and do some stash busting with a nice scrappy quilt.

Happy Friday, we are off to the retreat this weekend so am looking forward to having a wine on the deck at sunset.

will chat to you soon


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spring in Oz

This is one of the smoky sunrise's we have had in Brisbane this week.
 I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing this weekend just gone. As I popped my head out the door and saw this sunrise of our back deck. The sun was this amazing orange.

 Blue bells and bees.
Tenterfield old post office

 Hi all well I have been away for a few days this week and snapped these great signs of spring whilst out and about . The photos above were taken in the lovely NSW town of Tenterfield made famous for the song The Tenterfield Saddler by Peter Allen. I love this song and cant help myself but sing it every month when I drive through. The Saddler is still there as a museum and gift shop. See you tomorrow for some sewing.

Cheers Stacey

Saturday, September 17, 2011

bowl of bangles

I ve been making bangles and am so happy with them, loads of great colours to jazz up the plain outfit. I wear loads of black for work, its just easier and my bangles-I have about 4 brighten up my day. I have had a store buy these from me out at Samford called the Urban Dweller and next door is the wonderful Flying Nun cafe. So if you would like one of these pop out to Samford or drop me a post here.

Having a happy sunny Saturday here and hope you are where ever you are in the world.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ipad cover

I love all the bright's on the grey background.

Vintage buttons

Back View
Well I wanted to make something a little different for my friends birthday, she has an Ipad and this is what I came up with. What do you think? I wish I had an Ipad to test out the size.. I took the measurements off the net so fingers crossed it will be right.
My Friend Di Kelly is a water colour artist and has the most beautiful place in Killarney if you need to get away and have a country break or you want to learn watercolour Di is the lady for you. I hope she loves her present. The bright's are her colours, mine too now I think.
Hope your all having a super Wednesday.
I wanted to send out a thank you to Nova for her inspiration to try something new.  And to all you bloggers who have helped me find my sewing "Mojo" again... Thanks

Happy Stitching Stacey

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Selvedge Pillow

Hi there, well I had some time over the weekend to get some items finished yeah, its always a joy. to get it out of the sewing room and ticked off the to do list.
 I have been saving up my selvedge edges and made this cute little cushion, with some of my favourite fabric designers. I have been slack and not put in a zipper, i just slip stitched it closed and will throw it in the wash when needed. I am thrilled with the result, what do you think?
My Pink Chocolate quilt is happily being used on the couch tonight as I speak. It will be off to Circle Retreat for one of the beds sometime soon.
A pic of my girls. They ran-walked the 10km Bridge to Brisbane on the weekend, and they were so lovely together when they got home. I really wanted to capture their happy sibling love( it doesn't happen everyday right?). Taylor has her arm in a sling as she bruised her elbow after coming of the Trampoline at training. She will miss Nationals representing Qld, this year which is in 2 weeks time. Sometimes that's just life right.

Have loads on so hope your all happy and busy Ciao.



Saturday, September 10, 2011

cookie of the day

I dont know about you but dont these cookies look the best? and there name is adorable too Peanut Butter whoopie pies I have been a fan of all things Martha Stewart now for quite some time. I love watching her show in the mornings when I am having toast and coffee. I especially love getting on the net and checking out the cookie of the day. This is from Monday, I dont always make them but I love to have a look, she has loads of inspirational things going on loads of topics. I think I will make these to take tomorrow for afternoon tea. I will let you know the results.......

Have a great weekend


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reverse Sewing

Hi well do you do this?.............. Reverse sewing that is? in fact it looks pretty dreadful in this pic eekk I didn't think it was quite this bad....Oh i just thought I would whip a quick.... yeah right Ipad cover bag thing majiggy dovalacky up. I have had it scrunched in my hand whilst trying to un pick the smallest stiches that have tightened and driving me spare. I picked up the cheap and nasty black thread that is not Rasant- my new favourite,to load up my machine, I should have just gone with matching grey. Id be finished but am now paying the price for lets face it let than 8 bucks of fabric. It will take me hours to unpick. maybe that bit is off to the scrap bag and mark II   Ipad thing majiggy cover will start tomorrow.

Hope you had a happy stitching event today than me..
see ya then

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Psst I have a secret......

Well I am so excited and doing the happy dance as you would expect right?. This little girl from Oz is of to quilt market for the first time ever, and super excited. I have been lucky enough to win an incentive trip through my full time job to Chicago, yeah and it just so happens to fall just around Quilt Market time. So my darling Hubby said well its to good an opportunity not to go, so book it and have a great time....He is a great guy.................. So here's my question If you are going? or know someone going I would love to have someone to say have dinner with one night or just get super excited with when I get to peruse all those wonderful displays of quilts, or meet Amy Butler if I am lucky. Maybe Amy or Robyn Pandolph would love to have dinner with me? Anyway if you can help me out or any advise would be great. I know nothing about the states except i want to shop till i drop and then do it all again.

Cheers Stace

Sunday, September 4, 2011

blog workshop

I just wanted to let you know what a great and informative day was had at the blog workshop yesterday. We had some laughs and learnt alot about all those little blog questions that some of us were just not quite able to work out for ourselves. So my tip to you is if you live in Queensland put the call out to some of your other bloggy friends and find out if they would like Nova to unravel some of the mystery of blogging. So a big shout out to Liisa, who owns the quilters corner, a wonderful store in Brissy. Michelle who has her own pattern business, Sandy who has also designs her own patterns and the lovely Kate,. One of our ladies is yet to jump feet first into blogging Arzu, but she was dead keen by the end of the Day. Kate has some nice pics on her blog...I phone pic only sorry.

Thanks for dropping by and have a super week