Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilt Retreat @ Buderim

Well how exciting this weekend just gone, I got to go on Quilt Retreat up on the Sunshine Coast at Buderim.

Circle Retreat and as expected we all had a great time. Its the first time since buying the property last September that I have gone up to the retreat with Quilting girls and as you would guess we sewed all day and night with a few stops to sit on the deck enjoy the views with a  cappuccino and cake, champagne and nibbles and a few of us swam or had a sit in the hot tub. Are you going green with envy??? Want to book your own retreat? well please do and visit www.circleretreat.com.au  Well I cant wait to go again, and get some more UFO's done and start some new ones. Some of the girls went up to Eumundi Markets on the Saturday morning, and there are some wonderful artisans producing original work. I got to stop into see Penny at the Patchwork Angel and add some fabric to my stash I am meant to be on fabric diet but who cares about that right? And as a little bonus to top off my weekend I met the lovely  Kellie  from Don't Look Now who was doing a workshop. I have booked in for her next one with Penny.

Circle Retreat

Ohhh my new water bottle cover holder thingy this is from the fabric i bought from Penny. too Cute.

A few more seats completed from the old fabric stash., some old Debbie Mumm  is in the mix..

Dot and her Bright challenge quilt- looks Great

Lunch on the 'Deck

Hand stitching and lots of chatter.

The never ending placement debate.

This is the lovely Karla  who I met at Eumundi.   

Karla has a lovely business called  Hark Home and Karla is going to make me a wonderful poster for the Retreat. So if you need something wonderful made for home or gifts, she has some wonderful ideas and will customize for you. Thanks Karla

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

milk crates and stash scraps

Sweet seats

Well I had this idea the other day, and up at Buderim there is room on the deck for some extra seating in a casual, relaxed setting. So like I said this idea came to me about recycling and patchwork and I came up with a sweet seating option and a great way of using up a few dodgy pillows that have got a bit lumpy and out of shape, the odd milk crate that well we have plants in out the back. Anyway what do you think? this one is my trial one but i think it will be a good way of using up some of those old country fat quarters I have got in the stash, buried in the bottom basket.

 Well this is my log cabin scrappy top for my seat, sorry I forgot to take a close up of the seat finished but here it is ready and waiting with my cappuccino ready and waiting, anyone want to join me? Sorry Mum no melting moments close by.

Oh and this some of the other lovely china I found when I was out & about the other week. I just couldn't resist. maybe I might make the cups into cupcake pin cushions...................

Thanks for dropping by, and have a super week, xx love n hugs

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bargin Hunt

I so love the TV show Bargin hunt on the wonderful channel 72. Anyway I was out and about last week and went down this obscure side street by mistake and what do you know... an Op shop I had not discover in 6 years of driving the main road every month. and I found a treasure trove, and felt a little sad that someone has cleaned out grandma's china cupboard but so happy that I was in the right place at the right time and will love it and give it new life.

 This is just some of my lovely bargains. This is Wedgwood pattern unknown at this stage it looks art deco but  I don't really know. I got 6 of the soup bowls and 6 saucers for them to stand on also all less than $20.00, not a chip to be seen but slight crazing in the glaze which i think would be the age. Now who could take these to Lifeline? I bet they have Maxwell  Williams like me and don't love the old vintage. My lucky day.

 And another border on the quilt with no name. Happy Weekend to all. xx


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sick in Bed with Mr Darcy

Well if you are going to be sick with a cold, runny nose and a box of tissues, you may as well be in bed with Darcy. To all you die hard Pride fans you so know that I am talking about Colin Firth and 6 lovely hours of BBC bliss, with a little bit of stitching along the way. I am feeling much better today, but still not back on deck so a little more sewing should make me feel better. A big thank you to my hubby who hosted morning tea for Sandy and her friday sewers up at circle retreat last friday, I believe that had a lovely time and have booked in there retreat for mid year. cheers n happy sewing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you need an Easter Break?

 Holiday venue available for school holidays or Easter Break.................

Well I have realised that my new venture with Circle Retreat is never going to be busy in the school holidays with Quilters. So if you are in need of a five day mini break with some of your friends and family maybe you may like to go to Buderim, and have a wonderful relaxing time. So please spread the word I am offering a great rate, it sleeps 12-14 so please email me if your keen. circleretreat@iinet.net.au or please look us up on the net. Buderim is just 10mins to the sunshine beaches and 20minutes to Eumundi markets.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home or Retreat?

I love the carved design on the top of this chair great op shop find.
I found this great chair on my country trip the other week. I'snt it great. It needs a lick of white paint and a nice patchwork cushion, but do I keep it at home? it has been great in my sewing room this past fortnight or does it go up to the retreat in one of the bedrooms? great buy for $15.oo got to love Lifeline. I will have to show you the great old suitcase next time.

I also found this lovely little store in Browning street just off Russell St in West End for you Queenslanders its rather cute and has the most wonderful little handmade items ranging from wooden brooches to linen teatowels. Thea and Sami should check it out maybe they would love to sell there wares.
Well I have had a busy few days, with Taylor hurting herself at Trampolining last Thursday, badly bruised her coxic? bone Madison falling over the dog-puppy, whom I might add is being rather naughty. I cant wait for him to settle into life and stop nipping our heels. My little quilting project from last post is coming along nicelyand has a row of Pears, and today I had a lovely phone call from Sandy who wants to come to the Retreat with her circle of friends. So I have put Mark on the job for meeting with Sandy and her friends for a viewing and coffee, whilst I have meetings at the office on Friday.  No prizes for guessing where id rather be. oh well as they say that is life.

 The Puppy Alphie 5  months old.

Happy Stitching Stacey xx

Saturday, March 5, 2011

out and about

Well I have had a busy week, started a new project, opps but am using some great fabric from the stash and found some fabric puchased many moons ago fat quarter price tag still attached $3.50....... some of that great grandma grace 1930 reproduction from the 90's, i think anyway I was flicking thru this old home spun and found this pattern that i am going to loosely reproduce, anyway we will see how it goes and if it gets finished sooner rather than later. by for now, Stacey