Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sit n sew groups

 What so you think? this lovely picture has been made by Maive, who belongs to a wednesday sit n sew group that I first joined about 11 years ago when I had little ones and worked part time. These are wonderful groups and you learn so much. well over the years the group has evolved and even split into two groups. I am the baby of the group and drop in every once and a while ( working fulltime argggg)   for a coffee and chat. Maive had just had this lovley 1920's lady framed. Maive received this card from her daughter in England, and Maive scanned it onto her computer enlarged it and then went about embroidering  her with french knots silver thread and some beads. The photo doesn't do it justice at all but thought you would love to see it I f you dont belong to a group go and find one. you will meet the nicest people and those ladies are a wealth of information on all things craft and life. lol some of the stories.....

And look at this new little squares and slices book. My mum has been for a visit and bought it as a gift for me. She said "Love i haven't even opened it I just loved the cover. Isn't it just so delicious looking". She was right of course and the rich chocolate brownies have been baked, tested and gone. Thank you mum.xxxx

Monday, May 30, 2011

Prize for third

Well last week I got all excited and told you i had won a green ribbon for third prize at the Brookfield Show, but in my excitment I forgot one of the best parts to tell you.. I won some applique patterns designed by Michelle Ridgway. So I have some lovely new patterns to get started on and will put up at the Circle Retreat. Maybe we may have to get Michelle to teach some classes.

see you later and happy stitching. Stacey

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organised Treasures

 Are you this organised? I certainly am not but my sweet mother in law is.   As you know I went to Adelaide on the weekend and stayed with my in-laws as I need to do a quick fix on a daughters dress and needed needle and thread i went searching..... Oh what colour do you need dear..........was said and look at the treasure I discovered. This is only one colour co-ordinated tin, there is also a whites, beige and lemon tin a pinky type tin and more. But the array of shades and on the old wooden reels took my breath away. So when it was suggested (after I stopped drooling) that I could take some home I collected just a few to come home and live in brissy. My mother in law and her Mum and Aunt where always dress making or altering something as they are on the petite and lower to the ground than some, so its a collection from many. Poor Grandma had her teenager's paying out on her all weekend, that they were taller than her,but she just laughs and hugs them even more. 

My little stash..................I was very controlled wasn't I.................. next time I may have to collect some more. I thing they will look fab in an old jam jar up at the Retreat.

I also went to my jelly stars  class last night( at Peppermint Stitches Toowong) with the lovely Christine and Doreen we had such a nice time together, and Christine is a wealth of patchwork info and a top teacher, so I think I have my patchwork mojo back but still unpicking....grrrrr. oh well that's life baby

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding in Adelaide and a green ribbon

 We went to Adelaide for a Family wedding and had just the best time catching up laughing dancing etc, so a few pics to show and tell my sister in law, looking beautiful.- She didn't carry flowers but a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal clutch, very nice touch
 My teenagers
 My new brother in law,
 Madison,s angel quilt.  This is the Chook Shed pattern Everyday Angels I started this quilt in 2002, and finished it in 2008, oh well at least its been on her bed for a few years now.
Who would have thought that I would have it in me for a Third prize ribbon.  I just put my 2 quilts in to help them out with a few more for the display. Maybe they only had 3 enter in the appliqué section. Oh well I did get to take home the honour of third place and there were some gorgeous quilts on display. Do you remember on a previous blog, when we went to Circle Retreat @ Buderim  and my friend was finishing her first ever quilt, well I am so proud of her as she won a 1st for the novice section- Congrats Carolyn.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blog Quilt Retreat Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Ok  Just putting this out there to see if there is any interest.

                          Would you like to come on Blog Quilt Retreat? Maybe November 2011
 If I was to organise a Long Weekend  Retreat with meals included, a trip to Famous Eumundi on the Saturday and anything else anyone suggests would you want to come and meet up with some of your blogging buddies? Let me know what you think or put it out there to some of your blogging buddies go to the link for Pics etc www.circleretreat.com.au

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodtimes and a label or two.

 Quilt labels are an essential part of making a quilt with a little journal of who it was made for and why. I love to read other peoples labels do you? Well at Christmas time Mum and I found this cute little stamp and ink pad set at Kikki K, and thought it would be rather nice to put on my labels. I had shoved it in a draw and forgotten about it? tell me you do stuff like that and I am not the only mad woman, racing from one thing to another?

 Madison's quilt got a label before it went down to go into the show, I forgot to take a pic so when they are hanging next week I will.

Every year the week before the Brookfield show they have the Brookfield ball in the long yard of the horse paddock, we have been going for 7 odd years and it's always a highlight on the calender for us, so here we are my man and me. ( pic is really for my mum as I am sure the last thing you want to see is us. Anyway have a super week and happy stitching.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh dear I dont think am ready

Formal for Ipswich Grammar.

My daughter is in year 12 this year and of course it all dress, hair, makeup,.............. grown up...oh no

she does look so beautiful, but I am bias.
Before her date arrived to pick her up it was a little fresh she had her grungy flannel shirt and her Doc Marten boots on of course the pooch was close by.
The Brookfield show is on next weekend so I have decided to put two quilts in. So if your in Brisbane and have some time next weekend, you should pack up your family and go. We love it and go everyday of the weekend, the rodeo is on friday night and they always have the usual suspects, like show bags sideshow alley and the needlework, cakes, woodturning and great shows at night with the fireworks. The motor bike jumping is always spectacular too.www.brookfieldshow.com

so click on the link and go to needlework if you want to enter something today or on Thursday night they have the wine n cheese night to announce the winner's for all the art and needlework. the Art is always wonderful too. Can you tell I am a loud and proud Brookfieldian? I am sadly not going to the show this year-- but off to Adelaide for a wedding which will also be great.

anyway enough ramblings.

Happy stitching

Well i am off to put on some rod pockets and head down to enter my quilts

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jelly Roll Stars

 Christines quilt sorry about the poor photo.
 Mine so far, its matching up soIi am thrilled

Well I have been busy sewing and had a wonderful night on Tuesday with the lovely Christine teaching this lovely quilt made from a Jelly Roll.My Jelly roll is so old it doesn't have the pinking shear edges. My wonderful sister bought it for me for my birthday some years ago and I wanted to make something great, and now its happening. Look at Christine's lovely quilt if mine can look half as good I will be thrilled. I must say it is so lovely to commune with other sewers and learn great technique's from Christine, and the other girls in our class are great.
Thanks for dropping by I will have formal photos tomorrow the yr 12 is getting all glammed up.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spoilt on Mothers day

Well i know I am a day late posting this but my computer had other ideas yesterday. But anyway here we are. I wanted to tell you about my mothers day briefly. I was spoilt with my teenage girls making me breaky in bed and we sat and had a lovely chat and caught up on the goings on in the land of teenage girls.. well as much as I could get out of them. When I was a teenager my sister use to call my mother "Mrs 21 questions"...... they will both have a laugh at that. Anyway I was given a kindle... ever heard of that? no me neither and its pretty fantastic, and it came in my favourite colour as well, Lime Green
 Sorry about the shadow that is me, a Kindle is an electronic book, you down load books and cart them everywhere you go. It will store over 1000 books i can loan books to another friend who has a kindle i can even down load a sample of a book and read the first 3-4 chapters to see if I like it. Now before you say I have broken the back on the book industry I have a friend who works at a large chain book store who said it was just from bad management they are closing down. I am currently reading Echo in the Bone by Diana Galbardon. so nice not to cart a 800 page book in my handbag.
 Kindle cover, it has a built in light for night reading...yes so awesome. Thank you family
 This is my eldest daughter, who modelled in the yr 12 fashion parade on the weekend. All those yr 12 girls wore clothing for local boutiques and looked 20 not 16-17 yrs
On Saturday I whipped up this baby it5s a money apron for my Sista Sue- not her real name but what we call each other. SS is having a craft  market stall in Gladstone this weekend so i made this cute money apron. A girl needs somewhere to keep money phone and order book at such events. I hope she likes it. The owl pattern comes from Paula Storm Designs she has a great tutorial for a softie. So a hugh thank you to Paula and she has some great patterns so please go and check her out.
I am off to a class tonight with Christine she is going to help me get my quilting mojo back... watch this space.

thanks for dropping by  Stacey

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day Loves and hugs

My Mummy has sent me a present, I know i hear you say what.... you as the child is meant to sent it... Mum its on it way sorry Australia post wont deliver till Monday... Mum has 3 awesome kids but we all live interstate, which really is well......, it just is and that's all there is to it My Big Bro lives in Sydney town, my Sistsa sue lives in Gladstone and I here in Brissy, Mum n Dad in Goolwa,just an hour out of Adelaide. So mum gets a few frequent miles up and we love to have them come and visit, ( only a few weeks till the next visit)
Anyway Mum has sent me a little parcel of quilt tops to complete and she has done a super job check out the Michelle Hill- inspired William Morris. Mum has blanked stitched the blocks and machine stitched the borders. Mum made this in 1997 and never quite got round to finishing it and the sampler quilt. So by me blogging about it will make me finish them both fingers crossed. I don't think I will have made one quilt for the retreat they are all the lovely works of my Mum and Sister. thank you both. xxxx

So thank you Mummy Darling and sending you all the love n hugs in the world I wish I was there to make you lunch and us all be together, so in spirit we will be.
To all you Ladies have a lovely  and special day where ever you and your mum is, sending you..... Love n Hugs.xxxooooo.
I found this in a city window this week sorry about the quailty but thought it said it all.
 Thank you Mum I will quilt it and love both the quilts and send them to live at your house sometimes too.
 oops get that doggy off of that quilt....... sorry Alphie wanted to wish you a happy mothers day too.
 I found this pic from mothers day a few years ago. Hubby and the kids made me flowers and chocolates. The crafty thing runs in the family. I had a whole vase of them. I had forgotten about this great mothers day....they are pretty cool my fam.
Our Family @ Christmas 2010 in Buderim. Love you guys xxx

Thanks for stopping by Loves n hugs

Friday, May 6, 2011

Waiting n hexing

Hi, I am sitting waiting for daughter no 1 to finish trampoline training and thought I would try out a post whilst waiting on my I phone. 24 hours ago I was also at trampoline 30 mins here and back home to cook dinner. Then back again so 2 hours in car so far ...... Mad I know then 30mins from tramp on to touch football game for daughter no 2 we got home at 10pm. I left home at 5.30am this morning to drop daughter no 2 to rowing training. Should be home by 8.30pm for dinner then at 8.30 am have to drive no 1 to trampoline coaching. I am exhausted just thinking about it. When I was a kid I walked rode my bike caught the train or didn't join that sport. I also lived in a shoe box on the side of the road......... Lol anyway I get lots of hexes sewn hubby home tomorrow night yeah.
Happy stitching where ever you are. Got to love technology.
Cheers n beers when I get to one. X

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paris Bag

On the weekend we had Michelle from Lemon Jellie come for a sleepover at the retreat and look what she bought with her an overnight bag. No not just any ordinary overnight bag but the Paris overnight bag. Did I ever tell you guys that I won a trip to Paris..............OMG it is the most wonderful city and my favourite. Will have to tell you about that one day. Anyway I am thinking that I would love to make one of these little beauties and you can do a class at www.thequilterscorner.com.au Michelle teaches there and said that it's a bit tricky but easier with some one to guide you. Sounds like a must to add to my list.
The material needs to be quilted before you go to class and then constructed in class. Its a winner what do you think? I must call Leesa and book a class, then dream about the fabrics, I love the big red roses Michelle great choice.

Anyway I best get off to work so you have a great day and thanks for dropping by. Cheers Stace

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunshine Coast Patchwork Retreat

Well after the wettest summer ever (we have started to call the Sunshine coast the precipitation Coast), but this weekend it redeemed itself. My girlfriends and I have been trying to organise a Sewing weekend for 6 months and the May day long weekend was perfect for us. It started out with sewing machines humming, Westminster Abbey's Bells tolling and Moet to celebrate the nuptials. We had so many laughs and late nights sewing, wine and dinner at the Machine 2 nights out of 3 and late night hot tub and wine. You can tell it was getting serious, when the competitiveness of finishing a project was being measured and counted. lots of projects were completed and the pics are below.The lovely  Michelle came and stayed the night on Sunday, poor girl we bombarded her with  quilting question's, bullied her into having a spa and generally had lots of laughs. Michelle and I use to sew together in Adelaide when both out men where in the Airforce, and have met up again through Quilters Corner Store where I walked in to the shop and Michelle recognised me. Isn't life wonderful that you can reconnect all through the little world of fabric. Anyway the proof is in the pudding and below is the evidence of a great weekend had and planning the next one. If you and your Circle of Friends would like to go on Retreat please log onto my website www.circleretreat.com.au and have a look and contact me. I would love to have you stay and enjoy the joys of friends and fabric @ Circle Retreat.

 The Happy couple
 The happy Crowd of well wishers
 Carolyn completed her Machine quilting on her first ever sampler quilt. yeah
 Sunrise from the balcony.............magic
 Carolyn and Jackie enjoying the sunshine and first coffee, with Mt Coolum in the background.
 Well she did finish her lovely bag but didn't want her photo taken so lets call her Ned Kelly..........
 Just some of the finished quilts and 4 bags were made from start to finish this weekend, of course you saw one of them on Jill's head.... lol
The lovely Michelle and this beautiful quilt in Flannels, this doesn't show all the colours but its yummy.
Thanks for dropping by and happy stitching.

weekend preview

Just running out the door to go to work but wanted to post some pics from our wonderful weekend.
does it get any better than a royal wedding and quilting with your besties????? no not really I hear you say. tonight I will add the newsy bits but for now some snaps.......