Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunshine Coast Patchwork Retreat

Well after the wettest summer ever (we have started to call the Sunshine coast the precipitation Coast), but this weekend it redeemed itself. My girlfriends and I have been trying to organise a Sewing weekend for 6 months and the May day long weekend was perfect for us. It started out with sewing machines humming, Westminster Abbey's Bells tolling and Moet to celebrate the nuptials. We had so many laughs and late nights sewing, wine and dinner at the Machine 2 nights out of 3 and late night hot tub and wine. You can tell it was getting serious, when the competitiveness of finishing a project was being measured and counted. lots of projects were completed and the pics are below.The lovely  Michelle came and stayed the night on Sunday, poor girl we bombarded her with  quilting question's, bullied her into having a spa and generally had lots of laughs. Michelle and I use to sew together in Adelaide when both out men where in the Airforce, and have met up again through Quilters Corner Store where I walked in to the shop and Michelle recognised me. Isn't life wonderful that you can reconnect all through the little world of fabric. Anyway the proof is in the pudding and below is the evidence of a great weekend had and planning the next one. If you and your Circle of Friends would like to go on Retreat please log onto my website www.circleretreat.com.au and have a look and contact me. I would love to have you stay and enjoy the joys of friends and fabric @ Circle Retreat.

 The Happy couple
 The happy Crowd of well wishers
 Carolyn completed her Machine quilting on her first ever sampler quilt. yeah
 Sunrise from the balcony.............magic
 Carolyn and Jackie enjoying the sunshine and first coffee, with Mt Coolum in the background.
 Well she did finish her lovely bag but didn't want her photo taken so lets call her Ned Kelly..........
 Just some of the finished quilts and 4 bags were made from start to finish this weekend, of course you saw one of them on Jill's head.... lol
The lovely Michelle and this beautiful quilt in Flannels, this doesn't show all the colours but its yummy.
Thanks for dropping by and happy stitching.


Marg said...

It looks like you had a fabulous weekend. Love the views and wasn't the weather just glorious over the weekend. It's about time we had some decent weather.

Michelle said...

Thanks again for inviting me Stacey, I had a wonderful time! Back to reality now..:( xx

circle retreat quilter said...

Marg we had the best time, and the weather was kind, maybe you should plan one too. Michelle, always a pleasure, lets do it again soon.