Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day Loves and hugs

My Mummy has sent me a present, I know i hear you say what.... you as the child is meant to sent it... Mum its on it way sorry Australia post wont deliver till Monday... Mum has 3 awesome kids but we all live interstate, which really is well......, it just is and that's all there is to it My Big Bro lives in Sydney town, my Sistsa sue lives in Gladstone and I here in Brissy, Mum n Dad in Goolwa,just an hour out of Adelaide. So mum gets a few frequent miles up and we love to have them come and visit, ( only a few weeks till the next visit)
Anyway Mum has sent me a little parcel of quilt tops to complete and she has done a super job check out the Michelle Hill- inspired William Morris. Mum has blanked stitched the blocks and machine stitched the borders. Mum made this in 1997 and never quite got round to finishing it and the sampler quilt. So by me blogging about it will make me finish them both fingers crossed. I don't think I will have made one quilt for the retreat they are all the lovely works of my Mum and Sister. thank you both. xxxx

So thank you Mummy Darling and sending you all the love n hugs in the world I wish I was there to make you lunch and us all be together, so in spirit we will be.
To all you Ladies have a lovely  and special day where ever you and your mum is, sending you..... Love n Hugs.xxxooooo.
I found this in a city window this week sorry about the quailty but thought it said it all.
 Thank you Mum I will quilt it and love both the quilts and send them to live at your house sometimes too.
 oops get that doggy off of that quilt....... sorry Alphie wanted to wish you a happy mothers day too.
 I found this pic from mothers day a few years ago. Hubby and the kids made me flowers and chocolates. The crafty thing runs in the family. I had a whole vase of them. I had forgotten about this great mothers day....they are pretty cool my fam.
Our Family @ Christmas 2010 in Buderim. Love you guys xxx

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Michelle said...

How cute, I hope you have a lovely Mothers day too Stacey!! xx said...

Wishing you all the best for Mothers Day, hope you have a good one.

circle retreat quilter said...

Hi there ladies, I am having trouble with posting a new blog is anyone else having a problem?