Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sit n sew groups

 What so you think? this lovely picture has been made by Maive, who belongs to a wednesday sit n sew group that I first joined about 11 years ago when I had little ones and worked part time. These are wonderful groups and you learn so much. well over the years the group has evolved and even split into two groups. I am the baby of the group and drop in every once and a while ( working fulltime argggg)   for a coffee and chat. Maive had just had this lovley 1920's lady framed. Maive received this card from her daughter in England, and Maive scanned it onto her computer enlarged it and then went about embroidering  her with french knots silver thread and some beads. The photo doesn't do it justice at all but thought you would love to see it I f you dont belong to a group go and find one. you will meet the nicest people and those ladies are a wealth of information on all things craft and life. lol some of the stories.....

And look at this new little squares and slices book. My mum has been for a visit and bought it as a gift for me. She said "Love i haven't even opened it I just loved the cover. Isn't it just so delicious looking". She was right of course and the rich chocolate brownies have been baked, tested and gone. Thank you mum.xxxx

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