Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding in Adelaide and a green ribbon

 We went to Adelaide for a Family wedding and had just the best time catching up laughing dancing etc, so a few pics to show and tell my sister in law, looking beautiful.- She didn't carry flowers but a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal clutch, very nice touch
 My teenagers
 My new brother in law,
 Madison,s angel quilt.  This is the Chook Shed pattern Everyday Angels I started this quilt in 2002, and finished it in 2008, oh well at least its been on her bed for a few years now.
Who would have thought that I would have it in me for a Third prize ribbon.  I just put my 2 quilts in to help them out with a few more for the display. Maybe they only had 3 enter in the appliqué section. Oh well I did get to take home the honour of third place and there were some gorgeous quilts on display. Do you remember on a previous blog, when we went to Circle Retreat @ Buderim  and my friend was finishing her first ever quilt, well I am so proud of her as she won a 1st for the novice section- Congrats Carolyn.


Michelle said...

How wonderful Stacey, the wedding looks gorgeous and congrats on your quilt! Big congrats also to Carolyn, she must have been very excited! xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you, well done.


circle retreat quilter said...

Thanks girls, very happy with my ribbon, and will now have to get to it for next year. Christine my Jelly star quilt maybe it.