Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sew Fabulous.............look whats arrived

Does it get any better than this, the anticipation of purchases unknown, will it arrive, will it be what I wanted, what I expected but just 17 days later here it is my first ever fabric purchase from overseas. Well I think we should help all economies get back on there feet, not just ours, and when you think a fat quarter is 6 bucks here and you can get 12 little Amy Butlers sent here for $36, well why should we not help out. As you can see I bought a few lovely bundles and some extras for the stash and am super excited and hope I can bring myself to chop them up.
If you would like to help the USA economy I highly recommend you stop by  

Sew as Brisbane smiles into another long weekend I wish you all a happy one as I am heading to the retreat with some bff's and our sewing gear to watch the wedding and quilt away....

thanks for stopping by and happy stitching

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Loving a long break...

Well I hope you all had a wonderful break over Easter & Anzac weekend. We go camping with some other families every year and the kids really love it nearly as much as the adults. We are very blessed that they all get on so well and play cards, swim, boogie board, the list goes on but no TV or computers yeah...... We had the most wonderful weather for 6 days and the heavens opened on pack up day, which is always a bummer to pack up in the rain. Anyway some afternoon sleeps were had, some hexagons completed and my crochet scarf got finished. Some holiday pics to view below. I hope you are all well and thanks for dropping by. If any one wants the basic pattern for the scarf just drop me a line I love to hear from you.

Cheers n Chocolate....  :)  

 I took this pic off this little lane off the highway. I have passed this little church every month for 6 years and decided to stop and hang my scarf over the fence for some bloggy snaps. Its between Glen Inness and Inverell.

 who knew what kids could make with those funny strips of modelling plasticine and three hours camping. Arent they fantastic?
 Harry Potter even has his scar.
 You have to be the mother of invention when bike riding and heading to the beach. They hace those ocky straps on to hold the board onto there backs.
 can you guess were related?
 The kidlet Crew.

and waiting for the next set.

 Have a great day............Stacey

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Hexagon Stash

 Well can you imagine my delight when I found a stash of made hex flowers stashed away in a plastic tub......... So I have laid them out with the bulk of my hexagons that have been put together and wow I am happy with how it is coming along. Just for those of you that may not be happy that my end result will be a mismash of fabric, colours, and tones, for me it was a way of using up my scraps and being given lovely left overs from friends and family from there own projects. I look at some of these flowers and hate only a few infact I am going to take one out that has been sew in for a good 3 years and every time I look at it, well lets just say its going to the scrapheap once more. It is a lovely reminder of the journey of other quilts and travels with fabrics shared and coffee and melting moments know who you are.
Well I was travelling home via the  Brisbane River yesterday and look at this.............. I managed to take this pic when the traffic came to a stop. You can see a boat with some blokes and the mast of a rather large Yacht that would have sunk in the floods in January. Anyhow I thought how lovely the city (behind the pole) and river is looking and thought my dad a yachty would like to see this.

Thanks for dropping by and please say hello. Stacey

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birdie and Blogs

Birdie Light from Loot, isnt it so cute

Well, I have been having so much fun reading everyone's blog and jumping from one persons to another that I get a little carried and then the kids are calling that we have to go and do this or that, and dont get around to the new post I have planned out in my little head. Like right now Miss 2 has just asked if we can go.... I promised to take her and 3 friends Ice skating to the evening session 7.30 -9.30pm so some more hexing will be done in some funny little cold cafe tonight. Well before I know it they will be driving and not asking me which will be sad, so I need to go when requested.
Also I found this cute little tea light bird in Loot last week and she is very happy in her new home, in fact she is glowing...... sorry could'nt help myself.
Do you ever get asked by the Man of the house for a present? not me and not often so when  a request was made for a present of a new little note book case I was straight into my sewing room looking for any non floral girly fabric I could find. and this is the end result, not to bad even though I didn't have a black zip, but was thrilled that I had a big chunky style one and it was the perfect fit. Another reason to always have a few extras on hand.

Thanks for stopping by. Stacey

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did I say ..............

Last post I was proudly skiting that I had lost 2 sport trips a week.............. well not so fast. Just been informed that touch football  training and game"s are just about to start and I think Mum I am going to try-out for Rowing. if any of you have been a rowing mum you know my hesitation. The kids train about 12 hours a week and let me tell you the girls train in terms 2 and 3 of course its cold and dark at 4.30am when I looove to leave my warm bed to start up mums taxi service. oh well ho hum such is life and they will be leaving the nest in the blink of an eye. putting on my happy mummy face now. Maybe I can come home and sew for an hour while the house is quite??????

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life and the school run

 I need to finish the quilting on this quilt can you give me any advice other than dont roll it up so tight, look at those creases. The plan is to do a scallop edge and that's where i am upto in the quilting any suggestions? please comment below. Mum that includes you................xx Mum sewed the top for me thanxs mummy darl,
 discovered this new thread which is great for sewing hexies. Its a coffee colour and blends really well. It actually a bobin filler type thread.
 A pic of Alphie all grown up .
 My darling man repotted this last weekend and created a hanging arrangement for this fav bergonia of mine. I must say I bought this little plant nearly a year ago and it has not stopped flowering and being a total delight.
Well I don't know about you guys but it get pretty chaotic around our place, what with 2 teenage daughters-need i say more and the school run, sport run, work, life, Retreat etc.  Anyway I guess I wouldn't change to much of it. We now only have 7 sport runs a week as Miss 2 has just finished water polo or should I say Rugby in the water. 3 of these sport runs involve a half our travel each way and when the training is for 2 hours, well it seems rather silly to turn around and drive home for an hour and then go back. But alas that's what I will be doing this week and next as my partner in crime is working away and he is my driver of these sport events. when its from 5.30 to 8.30 someone needs to cook dinner and I don't really like to leave the 13yr old home. Well i had to work last weekend for my real job so I didn't get much sewing done, but here's what I did the week before and my man on the weekend too.

have a happy Wednesday. and thanks for dropping by.