Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life and the school run

 I need to finish the quilting on this quilt can you give me any advice other than dont roll it up so tight, look at those creases. The plan is to do a scallop edge and that's where i am upto in the quilting any suggestions? please comment below. Mum that includes you................xx Mum sewed the top for me thanxs mummy darl,
 discovered this new thread which is great for sewing hexies. Its a coffee colour and blends really well. It actually a bobin filler type thread.
 A pic of Alphie all grown up .
 My darling man repotted this last weekend and created a hanging arrangement for this fav bergonia of mine. I must say I bought this little plant nearly a year ago and it has not stopped flowering and being a total delight.
Well I don't know about you guys but it get pretty chaotic around our place, what with 2 teenage daughters-need i say more and the school run, sport run, work, life, Retreat etc.  Anyway I guess I wouldn't change to much of it. We now only have 7 sport runs a week as Miss 2 has just finished water polo or should I say Rugby in the water. 3 of these sport runs involve a half our travel each way and when the training is for 2 hours, well it seems rather silly to turn around and drive home for an hour and then go back. But alas that's what I will be doing this week and next as my partner in crime is working away and he is my driver of these sport events. when its from 5.30 to 8.30 someone needs to cook dinner and I don't really like to leave the 13yr old home. Well i had to work last weekend for my real job so I didn't get much sewing done, but here's what I did the week before and my man on the weekend too.

have a happy Wednesday. and thanks for dropping by.

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