Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bathroom Reno

 Ok so not much sewing has been going on over the weekend. Hmmm well I hemmed a school dress but ah that so doesn't count. We have been talking and dreaming about our bathroom/bedroom renovation for at least 5 years and whilst i was in Houston things started happening. I came home to new door ways and old wardrobes out and new framework up for a new walk-in through to double the size bathroom. We have been blessed with an amazingly large bedroom. Imagine two large rooms put together and then an en suite and walk in at the end. Well that's what we have, and a 40 yr old bathroom. We spent a few days over Christmas ripping up carpet and painting. I spent this weekend cleaning out my walk-in robe.****** Note to my mother and sister. DO NOT BUY ME ANY CLOTHES OR BAGS. Please.
I have 7 large bags for Vinnies and still have way to many clothes. I am a hoarder of shoes and bags ............Imelda should be my middle name. But how does a girl resist?
Oh the stuff - Hubby did whip up temporary hanging.
 Ah this is only one side of the room the opposite side looks much the same.

New doorway to the great outdoors.

And so Frank our builder Arrived yesterday and things have started. Yes we are going to have a door from the inside bathroom to outside. For our outside shower and tub of course, I cant wait it is going to be so great. When you live in the tropics why not get the wow factor if possible.
I will keep you up to date. And tonight I have a great post re Cakes?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Raw edge circle applique Quilt

I couldn't resist showing you this photo with the Duckies.
 Well 2 weeks ago today I started this quilt, For Miss Megan's 18th Birthday. This was totally un planned and by just jumping in feet first I didn't have time to fret over fabric choices or saving that special piece of fabric for the special quilt.....which ah never seems to happen.10 yr's later it still sits uncut , with matching fabric etc. So watch this space. I loved making this quilt i enjoyed every step, well almost. I cheated............ I know its the first time i have ever machine stitched the binding. Megans 18th Birthday Party is tonight and it would take me hours to do by hand. So I machined it down. I must admit I am not thrilled with the result as some of the stitches can be seen on the topside. Will Megan care? ah no. Will I be the only one who really notice's except my mother? probably

I have machine quilted this with a swirl through the circles and then in the ditch between the blocks. On the last border I have free motioned random circles.

 The Backside view of Meg's Quilt. I used up some of the scraps from the left over fabrics.
I have thrown it in the Machine for the mandatory wash with a few colour catcher's. So fingers crossed it will come out lovely. I showed Megan her quilt yesterday when she dropped in and she was thrilled,when i told her it was for her. Ahhh That makes it all worth while.
Here  is the previous post with the Tutorial link.

Enjoy and happy sewing


Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspired bloggy goodness

The lovely Marg,  over at Sunshine and Paradise has been very inspirational over this last year, and late in the year she produced a second raw edge appliqué quilt. So I decided then and there I was going to make this lovely quilt. I started this quilt last weekend and have to have it finished by this one....eeekkk. My daughters best friend is 18 on Australia day, and i thought that i would love to give this to her and with her party on the weekend I better get my skates on. So I have been busy sewing up a storm, and raiding  my friends stash. ( I happened to sneak up to the Retreat for a few nights with some girlfriends so didnt have my own stash handy.....)  and I popped into see Penny at the Patchwork Angel and she had a great deal on some Fat quarters she was clearing out. So I picked up some Kate Spain, and others and voila. It just needs some more borders and then some quick quilting.
The tutorial is from Cluck Cluck Sew go here.
I hope maybe I have inspired you to try this great pattern too.
Hope you have all been busy.

Cheers Stacey

Monday, January 16, 2012

Retreat issue Homespun 2012

Well I am happy to say we are in this months issue of Homespun with a feature on Retreats. Now I am bias of course, but thought that we scrubbed up pretty fine. So if you have been talking about going on Retreat with your friends but still haven't got around to it, now is the time for you. I spent this weekend just gone sewing up a storm with a few girl friends, a few wines on the deck and a lovely morning at Eumundi Markets on Saturday. We had the chick flicks on and the sewing machines humming.
Believe it or not I still have June long weekend free and you can stay for 3 nights for $150.00 per person and have a champers for the Queen to help her celebrate, I will even throw in the 2 bottles of bubbles to kick start your weekend. So being the sales person I am contact me  and call your sewing girls to book in for 2012.
Well enough of all that, I did get loads  of sewing done on the weekend so I will get some pics of all of the works in progress.

I just wanted to show you my ducks on parade, considering they lost there off spring a few weeks back they are back in fine form roaming all over our property...........hmmm I  did wonder if they were going to hop on the couch for a rest?

happy days


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a little gift

Well I am a lucky girl and won a give away.  This lovely Pattern for notebook covers by Indigo Junction from Christine arrived in my mail box this week. I work in my other life as a sales rep so notebooks are the go for me, perfect. So a big thank you Christine...........who is off to the US later in the year and will have a great time visiting the Baltimore area and spend some lovely time learning some new skills and sharing time with like minded women who love to craft. I am back at work now after 3 delightful week's away and home and then we stayed a few nights at Buderim. It's a delightful thing being able to stay up there when there are no guests................

These guys showed up at Buderim one evening when we were having a BBq one night. So for all my overseas friends kookaburras are one of the our many friendly visitors to our Quilt Retreat on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.
So now I am off to work in the summer heat tops of 36 degrees today here hope you have a great day