Friday, January 27, 2012

Raw edge circle applique Quilt

I couldn't resist showing you this photo with the Duckies.
 Well 2 weeks ago today I started this quilt, For Miss Megan's 18th Birthday. This was totally un planned and by just jumping in feet first I didn't have time to fret over fabric choices or saving that special piece of fabric for the special quilt.....which ah never seems to happen.10 yr's later it still sits uncut , with matching fabric etc. So watch this space. I loved making this quilt i enjoyed every step, well almost. I cheated............ I know its the first time i have ever machine stitched the binding. Megans 18th Birthday Party is tonight and it would take me hours to do by hand. So I machined it down. I must admit I am not thrilled with the result as some of the stitches can be seen on the topside. Will Megan care? ah no. Will I be the only one who really notice's except my mother? probably

I have machine quilted this with a swirl through the circles and then in the ditch between the blocks. On the last border I have free motioned random circles.

 The Backside view of Meg's Quilt. I used up some of the scraps from the left over fabrics.
I have thrown it in the Machine for the mandatory wash with a few colour catcher's. So fingers crossed it will come out lovely. I showed Megan her quilt yesterday when she dropped in and she was thrilled,when i told her it was for her. Ahhh That makes it all worth while.
Here  is the previous post with the Tutorial link.

Enjoy and happy sewing


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Marg said...

It looks fabulous Stacey. Well done on the finish just in the nick of time. I'm too scared to machine sew binding, as I'm sure I'll make a right mess of it.
Love the way you have quilted it too, and the way you quilted the circles in the outside border