Thursday, July 25, 2013

Postage stamp quilt for charity

Hi, things have been hectic as always, busy with work, the retreat and life in general. I find in the winter months I sit by the fire rather than venture into the sewing room so not much happening really, other than to much  chocolate is being consumed. 
At the retreat all the lovely ladies that visit have been all doing a joint postage stamp quilt inspired by Red Pepper Quilts. So I thought it would be a lovely thing for ladies on retreat that have a few scraps left over, to throw into the old suitcase and spread the love. After all the collecting and patching I thought we could donate the finished quilt to an organisation. 
I have found this great charity called Assista Sista. This group helps women who have come out of domestic violent situations, to set up house- haven and start again. They fit out the home with all donated goods, new and pre loved. if you would like to help. They are based on the Gold Coast but have over 28 havens now with the wonderful help of others. If you would like to help of just follow on Facebook please check them out. And I best get on with making little bits of fabric into bigger bits. Oh we are quite mad! Love to you all and get sewing to help a Sista.
If you would like to help Circle Retreat and either make some blocks or send fabric scraps let me know. 2" wide x 7"strips required. Sew 4 strips together. then cut lengthways strip 1 3/4 " then mix n match baby to sew a little block of 4 together.
Good luck 

Happy stitching 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wonky log cabin star!

A quick work in progress pic, I think I may add a strip border it is currently 4x4 12inch blocks, happy with using up loads of the scraps from old quilts and newer projects. I am loving the grey background. And hst log cabins! 

Happy Friday 

Cheers Stacey

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scrap heaven

So I have been madly tripping around the world here at CRQ I have loved making my first trip around the world and gave it with much joy to a girlfriend. This friend has had a hell of a year and I mean awful right up to the point of 3 hours before the two of us were to go on our first girls weekend away to Sydney I get a message from her hubby that the trip is all off, Felicity has had a Heart attack!!!!! Ah hello this doesn't happen to 45 year old girls! Well apparently it does! Whooa! So a stent and pacemaker later, i gifted my trip around the world to my friend who cried will love and joy on receiving her welcome home present! Isn't the giving part the best, we both cried. She is doing well and learning to trust her heart!

So now I am in the deep depths of further trips and cabins of scrappy logs to use up the scraps of the trips? Following along??? I know right it's a mess and I am loving it! 
On another point, I have been zooming along using some thread, cheap nasty stuff that I grabbed on the run! I have been cursing that damn thread it just doesn't run smoothly thru the machine it grabs, and pulls and I must have re threaded the needle at least 25 times. Anyway the light bulb went on went and i went in search of my rasant thread and its like a new machine and a dream come true.
Another truth to the saying you get what you pay for! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful scrappy July and that your sewing space is not as horrendous as mine! 

Cheers Stacey