Monday, November 28, 2011


Am I out of touch? is there only 2 people that want my little giveaway? oh well such is life and those two ladies maybe the lucky two....if you would like a copy of this pattern and a little wallet to start you off please leave a comment below and become a friend of Circle Retreat Quilter (if you are not already of course). I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and  busy getting ready for the silly season with all that Christmas shopping and cooking, I hosted a pool party for 20 14yr old girls, and wrapped some Chrissie pressies.
 I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Inverell NSW and wondering if i am going to be able to continue on to Moree and Goondiwindi tomorrow due to flooding. I maybe be able to sit here and sew my hexagons for 24hours...whilst waiting for the waters to receed................ it sounds like an excellent plan.

Cheers Stacey

Friday, November 25, 2011

Giveaway Little Wallet

Well who would have thought it? My daughter says it's not cool to give teacher presents when your in high school. So what I am to do, but have a give away to you. I got busy this week and have made a few as you can see. I got all excited pulled out loads of fabric to mix it up and interchange some of the little inner pockets. Some have been allocated but for 2 lucky bloggy friends I am giving away the new Little Wallet Pattern by Valorie Wells and a little wallet to start off your gift giving, this Christmas.
Please leave me a comment below and become a friend of Circle Retreat quilter if you are not already. Id love it if you share with your friends my little giveaway and of course will send anywhere. Give away will be drawn next Wednesday Nov 30th, plenty of time to get your pattern and start sewing.
I hope you are having a great thanksgiving weekend to my friends in the States, and all the Aussies enjoying a bbq and a beer this weekend.
I am anxiously waiting to get my eldest girl home from schoolies tomorrow................... I have tried to be good and not call her to often and pump her for information and be Mrs 21 questions...  I have found it rather difficult.

Stay safe and have a great weekend


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Circle Retreat holiday bookings

Need a holiday

and a place with a view?

Pool and Spa a must?
Well if you haven't booked anywhere and are dreaming of a wonderful Christmas break. Come stay with us as it is nearly upon us and we still have vacancies.
As you know Circle Retreat is primarily a patchwork and craft retreat, and in the holiday time is when our retreat friends well.............. dont go on retreat. We would like to open the retreat up to you and your family. We can sleep up to 14, so if you want to have some friends or family join in we can accommodate. if you go to the link you can see the availability dates. We do require a minimum of 4 days at $250.00 per night its a bargin dont you think?. We are 10 mins to Maroochydore beaches and shopping or 3 mins to Buderim Village, also a hidden delight and don't forget the Eumundi Markets. Actually I had better get on and book my family in as I haven't been since I got back from Houston and deserve a few nights tucked away up there too. though some may disagree.
Leave me a comment below if you want me to hold some dates until you can confirm with me later. Or just leave me a hello so I know some reads my ramblings....

Happy stitching


Monday, November 21, 2011

Block Party and Zakka Style

 Block Party is a lovely new book that I was given- yeah lucky me, when I was at the Houston Quilt Market last month. I love this book about 12 bloggy women from all over the world  and there quilt journey and the blocks that they all made for each other. Creating 12 wonderful modern quilts. I love all the quilts in this book but will show just a few favourites.
I am a fan of the wonky log cabin, I have made a few regular log cabins over the years. But I can't 
wait to hit my stash and make a wonky one. I love the colours of mid blues and oranges that make this quilt pop. I also love Profit margins shown here in a lovely mix of blues and reds. I think my mum would love this one too her colours. Its also set on the wonky side, I love that. 

Zakka Style is another great book I got to look through at market but it is not out yet. It has that modern twist on some old classic around the home useful items, using lots of linen and organic fabrics.
I have an old pair of linen pants in that lovely hessian colour that  I  bought from Country Road about 20 odd years ago, you know the ones with the high waist? I just couldn't  put them in the salvos bag. Well daughter no 1 went to a nineties party and went as Monica from Friends. She wore my old high waisted pants and I told her I had been thinking about chopping them up to use in a quilt. Well I think she has hidden them away for future use. My mum says there is nothing new under the sun, just like we wore her velvet stove pipe pants in the 80's. I love a good recycle it's kind of nice that she wanted to hang onto them. Look out for these two books in your local quilt store or ask for them to be ordered in for you. they come from Stash books.

Happy stitching


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Valori Wells Little Wallet

Little lovely Wallet.
 I have finally got some sewing done. I have been busting to make this little wallet. I picked up this pattern in New York last month, and have some extras coming so, watch this space.

 I have to find my little magnetic clasps to finish it completely, but i was busting to show you all. I also love Rosalie Quinlans little hexagon fabric, I wish i had bought more to back my hexie quilt when it finally get finished.

You know when you go to a special dinner or outing, Christmas party etc and you take your little special handbag? where do you put your drivers licence and credit card and cash? I don't know about you but my wallet would never fit in my numerous special bag's but my new little wallet is perfect. Great for my teenagers for the bus pass and school ID. I dont think I need to convince myself to make more. Teacher Present's done.

Happy Saturday and Happy Stitching

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post from Houston

Well as you know I have been back a week from Houston and not sat at my machine once. I have my eldest daughter graduation from High school this week. So we have had graduation events and work has been crazy busy. I drove 3 hours each way to see a favourite client today, as I am not sure if I would get the time between now and Christmas. That's crazy busy isn't it? Or just plain Stupid.

Anyway much to my delight my box of fabric arrived and so here is the additions to my stash oh and others, like sista sue, and mumma bear. have they been naughty or nice? I cant wait to start on a new quilt but must finish a few before I start another.
Hope you are all busy making christmas goodies? I hope to sew this weekend fingers crossed.

Happy Stitching Stacey

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Texas Quilt Museum

Proof that I made it to Texas. I have to pinch myself.

The wonderful wall of painted quilts.

Well Here I am  at the Texas Quilt Museum and our bus tour group were lucky enough to get a preview before the official opening that will  have happened after the Houston Festival. The quilts were lovely and all made in Texas over the last 25years. As you would expect we were not allowed to take photographs. So I had to be happy with the amazing painting of the quilts on the wall of the building. The Musem is in a little town called LeGrange. My suggestion is if someone put in a cafe opposite they would do a great trade and keep the husbands happy too.

Cheers Stacey

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New York City Quilter

Well I spent a wonderful week in New York before heading to Houston and I thought I would share a little of this with you. I couldn't wait to seek out the New York City Quilt store and the new gallery attached to it. The Store is lovely and they had some great little treasures I had not seen before. So yes I had to buy some bits n bobs like a tiny olfa 7" x 5 1/2" cutting mat and a 4 1/2" square ruler. Great for all those little projects. I bought some lovely laminated fabric that I have a plan for so will show you that when I lay my hands on it. They also have this lovely fabric of the NY skyline and the subway map lines, very cool. All of this is in a box making its way here to Oz I hope. fingers crossed. For now here is some of the wonderful quilts from the Gallery. I completely forgot to take a photo of the store front.

The quilts were all made by the same designer, I am sorry that i didn't take down her name. they are stunning no?

More soon Stacey

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Houston Quilt Market 2011 no1

 Well these are the ladies front and centre, that i told you about in my last post.Peggy, Mandy, Diane and Shirley, we waited in line together before Sample Spree for about 2 hours and then some. They shared there chocolate with me and we had lots of laughs. These girls gave the low down on where to go and where to avoid when we got into sample spree. all of these ladies are long arm quilters, but i am not sure about Peggy?
 just a small sample of people waiting to go into sample spree. Its like the amazing race of fabric-craft shopping with a 2 hour window of opportunity.
 These are just a preview of pics and are some of my favourites. gorgeous right?
This photo is from the Micheal Miller stand. I love the Red and white quilt on the back wall.
As you can tell i am a bit disorganised and about to rush out the door, for my first day back at the 9-5 job. I have to pay for this awesome trip, and all the shopping. that I did. I highly recommend you start saving up to go yourself for 2012.

have a great day Stacey

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Houston Quilt Market and Festival 2011.

One thing I know for sure is we need to get more patriotic, there are American flags everywhere.
Hi, well I have been having a super time at Market and have met with some wonderful quilting ladies from all over the planet. As i am here on my own, it has allowed me to join in with others that maybe wouldn't have happened on my own. On my first night in Houston as I was waiting 3 hours sitting on the carpet to go into Sample spree 8pm till 10 pm was sample spree hours- i had nothing better to do really. I met up with these lovely ladies from Texas, we sat together on that carpet shared our quilting history, chocolate, why we were there etc. They pointed me in the direction of where to go and where not to go- avoid  Moda at all costs  as its a stampede. Of course i went to Moda i couldn't help myself. After nearly two hours i was exhausted but so excited about what I had bought, I found those gals again and we all did a show and tell, sitting on that carpet where we started. Thank you Peggy, Amanda, Shirley and...Of course Diane, Thanks for looking after me.
I have seen so many beautiful quilts and have enough photos to keep you all happy for the next year. I just don't seem to be able to post them now. I have so many stories and friends to introduce you all too. Take care I will be home by the end of the weekend. Thank God Qantas got it together.

Happy stitching