Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post from Houston

Well as you know I have been back a week from Houston and not sat at my machine once. I have my eldest daughter graduation from High school this week. So we have had graduation events and work has been crazy busy. I drove 3 hours each way to see a favourite client today, as I am not sure if I would get the time between now and Christmas. That's crazy busy isn't it? Or just plain Stupid.

Anyway much to my delight my box of fabric arrived and so here is the additions to my stash oh and others, like sista sue, and mumma bear. have they been naughty or nice? I cant wait to start on a new quilt but must finish a few before I start another.
Hope you are all busy making christmas goodies? I hope to sew this weekend fingers crossed.

Happy Stitching Stacey

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cheryl said...

Gosh is that all you brought back!!! I know I would be shocking if I went, rofl!!!!!