Monday, November 28, 2011


Am I out of touch? is there only 2 people that want my little giveaway? oh well such is life and those two ladies maybe the lucky two....if you would like a copy of this pattern and a little wallet to start you off please leave a comment below and become a friend of Circle Retreat Quilter (if you are not already of course). I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and  busy getting ready for the silly season with all that Christmas shopping and cooking, I hosted a pool party for 20 14yr old girls, and wrapped some Chrissie pressies.
 I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Inverell NSW and wondering if i am going to be able to continue on to Moree and Goondiwindi tomorrow due to flooding. I maybe be able to sit here and sew my hexagons for 24hours...whilst waiting for the waters to receed................ it sounds like an excellent plan.

Cheers Stacey


Anonymous said...

I would love one :) and I am already a friend.
Jenni Neibling

pamkennison said...

Hi Stacey, glad you had a great time in Houston, been busy here and missed your last post, would love one of the little wallets.......hugs Pam

circle retreat quilter said...

Hi if u are having trouble commenting on my blog could you please emal me... ta
I am trying to fix this ta.

Jessica said...

They are cute little wallets! I am a follower already.

Paula said...

Can I still enter your giveaway? I'd love to; the wallets are very cute. Thanks!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com