Monday, November 21, 2011

Block Party and Zakka Style

 Block Party is a lovely new book that I was given- yeah lucky me, when I was at the Houston Quilt Market last month. I love this book about 12 bloggy women from all over the world  and there quilt journey and the blocks that they all made for each other. Creating 12 wonderful modern quilts. I love all the quilts in this book but will show just a few favourites.
I am a fan of the wonky log cabin, I have made a few regular log cabins over the years. But I can't 
wait to hit my stash and make a wonky one. I love the colours of mid blues and oranges that make this quilt pop. I also love Profit margins shown here in a lovely mix of blues and reds. I think my mum would love this one too her colours. Its also set on the wonky side, I love that. 

Zakka Style is another great book I got to look through at market but it is not out yet. It has that modern twist on some old classic around the home useful items, using lots of linen and organic fabrics.
I have an old pair of linen pants in that lovely hessian colour that  I  bought from Country Road about 20 odd years ago, you know the ones with the high waist? I just couldn't  put them in the salvos bag. Well daughter no 1 went to a nineties party and went as Monica from Friends. She wore my old high waisted pants and I told her I had been thinking about chopping them up to use in a quilt. Well I think she has hidden them away for future use. My mum says there is nothing new under the sun, just like we wore her velvet stove pipe pants in the 80's. I love a good recycle it's kind of nice that she wanted to hang onto them. Look out for these two books in your local quilt store or ask for them to be ordered in for you. they come from Stash books.

Happy stitching


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