Monday, October 29, 2012

Flying geese tutorial link

I love this block and have found a great tutorial here by Lily that was so easy and helpful. I sat and made this little block, this afternoon and was thrilled at how quick and simple it was. The instructions were great and hassle free.  Go to see Erica's blog to see the quilt she made with this tutorial. This will make a great quilt from the scrap box, and endless supply of scraps. I so love this on line sharing community, of like minded mad sewers!

Happy flying Stacey

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday quilt

Hi in my winter hibernation I had a birthday. Now my beautiful mother also a quilter has been sending me fab quilts over the last few years for all the beds up at the Retreat. She says she just wants to use up all her fabrics. But as we all know the stash grows as we are madly trying to use up the pieces.
Last year when I went to Houston for the quilt market and festival( girls put it on your bucket list) mum asked me to look out for some Japanese prints for a lady she knew. And this is what I got for my birthday this year.
I had been telling mum about the disappearing nine patch block. So my tech savvy mother googled it and voila.
Mum has been reading the Jennifer Chiaverini "Elm Creek Quilts" series and can't put them down. so if you haven't read them check out your local library

Sorry Mum I am late in my display of thanks but better late than never. xxx

happy stitching

Monday, October 15, 2012

For me

Hi well I have been unwell nothing drastic just ear, nose, & throat so I have been cruising Pinterest from my bed. Wow what a great source of inspiration. I have found loads of great tips for biodegradable cleaning products, recipes and of course patchwork. I love all the fabulous ideas and designs.
I haven't worked out how to attach a link to my blog. I am sure someone out there maybe able to give some tips.
I love all the great sayings. So here is one that I think we will all love. I am circle retreat quilter Stacey if anyone wants to have a look at my pins.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's a Lark

Okay so I was chatting to Liisa, from The Quilters Corner last week about Amy Butler's Lark range. Now I do love this range and have picked up about 10 pieces, over the last little while- as you do. So I have been cruising Pinterest lately and inspired, with a patchwork lark skirt. So I adjusted a pattern by Monica Poole - reversible wrap, bought from Liisa a few weeks back and this is what i came up with.  I cut 2x 10" squares from all the pieces and made the waistband out of a peach skin black, cut on the cross and  Voila.......
So a unique skirt for under $40.00 thanks for coming and i still have half my fat quarters to go in a fab scrappy quilt. Maybe half square triangles with the rest of the black. something to think about. Go see Liisa for the pattern and fabrics.

I wore it today and am really happy with the result. Not all fab fabric needs to be quilted right?
What a Lark.

Cheers Stacey

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well the dress was finished and didn't fall apart on the night. My girl received some nice comments about her dress and some from the mums which is always great. A fun time was had by all! I have been sewing and hope for a little showing by the end of the week.
Happy stitching


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fab signs

Found this in my travels recently and could not resist sharing with you all. Is there anything better than shoes, you can gain weight, lose it and your feet pretty much stay the same! Oh my goodness there are some fab colour thus season in the stores. All bright and funky. Enjoy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The unexpected

Ok here is the ugly truth..... I am not a great sewer, I am a jack of all trades and master of none, and thats ok. I can do loads of things but just none fabulously. So it happens that dressmaking is something I avoid because, I can buy lovely clothes at reasonable prices and now that my babies are grown I dont need too right? ahhh wrong.............
Well miss 18 is off to a school formal with less than 2 weeks to go and cant find a dress that is not to ahhh blingy, Hills in Hollywood and just looks like everyone else's dress.
So here I am on a short deadline sewing a formal dress. I will let you see the finished product, fingers crossed. here it is in progress. Yes I hear you yellow, no one else will be wearing this colour I think.

Hope you are having a fun week too.


Monday, September 10, 2012

hibernating for the winter

Hi one and all! i have been hibernating like an old bear for the winter and had a vacation from Blogging, sewing and all matter of things like ah dusting it would seem? i am busy sneezing my head off whilst i type.
The computer and sewing room is in the part of the house that doesnt get the heat from the wood fire so, i have found myself immobilised and couch happy for the Winter.
But that's now over, the birds are chirping early along with the sun rising and i can feel warm again. I do live in the southern hemisphere thank goodness. Heaven help me if i didn't have 9 months of warmth and sunshine I would never get out of the bed let alone the house.
Anyway i hope you all have had a great time sewing and knitting your way through the months. I have only a visitor to show, when i was at the retreat last week i took this pic. This adorable Kookaburra visits the Retreat most days and is so tame you can hand feed him, sometimes he brings a friend.

Happy Days


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Pad Joy

Well it has arrived, I know, I know I am a little slow off the Mark ok a lot slow but i am so happy to have my new little portable, take it any where gadget to call my very own. You may have noticed I have not blogged of late, I have been sewing but not completing.... the story of my life really but lets not go there. I have my new Toy and am hoping my bloggy friends can help me with the best way to blog from my I Pad. what great app is there also Is instagram the way to go? Any tips I am open to all commentry. Also how do I link my blog and facebook? any clues......

From Clueless but Happy Stacey :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sore bands

When my girls were little we use to have a big to do about repairing little cuts, minor bumps and major stubbed toes with sore bands well at least that's what my Taylor use to call for when she was two, not a band aid but a sore band. As with all things names stick and still to this day with Taylor about to turn 18...where has the time gone? they are still sore bands. Check   here for the best little sore bands going.

Don't you just love these. great for topping up a little present for the friend that has everything?
 Thank you Helena for a great Idea.

I am off to Eumundi Markets today so  have a great weekend Stacey

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cushy Cushions

 A few little cushions always brighten up the place don't you think? I made the pink one with the up-cycled selvedge edges and the bluey green cushion I purchased. I always feel compelled to buy something from a stall or store selling handmade goods don't you?
I know i could have made that but someone else put love and time into it. And besides it gorgeous don't you think?

Ok a new project is in the wind, so here is my little system, set up or production  line . Sweetwater Hometown here we come.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sew n Sews

The Lovely Sew n Sews
 I love seeing all the action going on from all the great groups that come to stay.
And that every group is a group that I could easily walk in sit and stay and sew with. We really are all birds of a feather and all that Jazz. The wonderful world of craft is a strong bond.
Love this Chocolate Roses I can send you the details of this pattern if you need it?

Joseph's Stars?

I really love this Crochet

Enjoying a cuppa and a read

Loads of Space

 As you can see lots of work being done at Circle Retreat from the Sew n Sew's. Its so great to see all the different crafts that are pursued by this and many other Crafty groups. I love all that inspiration and ability. If you would like to enjoy a weekend with your friends at Circle Retreat  I still have a few weeknds left in August and November, December.

If you have been to stay and not sent me your pics please do so.

Cheers Stacey

Love the Colours.
The Cutting Table Multi purpose.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby Quilt with Minky dots

Hi i have been so busy of late with having both sets of parents visiting from Adelaide over the past 6 weeks I have not been blogging, or doing much of anything sewing related, however..... I did manage to start a baby quilt between my mum leaving and hubby's parents arriving -48 hours later. So when hubby took his parents up to Buderim for some lawn mowing and lunching I got a few hours of sewing in here and there and over the rainy weekend between baking I got this little baby girls blanket finished.

 So here is my super easy and quick baby blanket. its not a quilt as really no quilting . I used the lovely and super soft minky dots that you can find almost everywhere fabrics are sold. So I just made up a top using the ever enduring snuggle pot and cuddle-pie material found in Spotlight. how could I resist right? with a mixture of other fabrics from various ranges.I kept it simple and added a few piece of the minky into the front and then backed it with the Minky also.The Kiss principle is a great Principle
Once the top was finished and squared up, I heavy pinned the outside edges and using my walking foot sandwiched the two pieces together just like sewing a cushion. I then just top stitched the outer edge. The Minky being a stretch fabric must be treated with a little more care. Under advisement from my Sista su she said don't even bother trying to quilt it from all she had read on other Blog's.
 A few pieced easy triangles snuck in amongst random rectangles all the width of my
And Murphy's law two fabrics the same smack bang next to each other.
So now I am ready for my friend to make her special delivery.

Happy Wednesday Stacey.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scrap heaven

Hi well you may know that as a rule I love scrap quilts easy, quick and random, now Marg.... I know this is scary but you should try it out. Just check out this new and fab book I have just discovered. Scrap republic. It has it all laid out with great designs and color for using up all those bits we love that are small and scrawny but lovely. The easy organic quilting I will call it looks lovely, and great for doing at home on our little domestic machines, well mine at least is still an oldy but a goodie

So I hope you look out for this gem or ask your local store to get it in for you.
Cheers n happy scrapping

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Glen Quilters Retreat 2012

Christa's quilt

Myra marking up her quilt
 Hi there just a lovely post tonight to show you some of the lovely quilts and items being made up at
Circle Retreat of late. These ladies are from the Glen quilters and had a lovely time recently.
A lovely bag

Vera with her vino and quilting

 If you would love to have a weekend away with your group of sewing friends, we have some weekends left in August and November. We would love to have you come and stay. book now on      or call on 0428 0000 41

The ladies hard at work

Vera's Quilt

The design wall getting a work out.
Cheers and happy Sewing


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Highly Commended

Well my Jelly Star Quilt was given a highly commended at the local Brookfield show, last weekend.
I am really chuffed as there were over 80 quilts and for the traditional pieced catagory, the section with the most quilts entered. I am stoked. I think because I had quilted this myself on my little domestic no frills Janome it may have helped, as that was a comment I got back from one of the judges.
I am not sure if i should leave it at home on one of our beds for the Winter or put it at the retreat what do you think?

I hope you are having a great weekend, I have done a little sewing tonight, whilst watching the Blindside Movie with Mum- one our favourites..... and hope to sneek in some more sewing  tomorrow, I have been flat out with life I havent been doing much sewing of late.

Cheers n beers Stacey x

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ella and Skysie.

 Mum and I met Ella from Ella and Skysie designs, whilst we were at the Eumundi Markets over Mothers Day weekend.
I have some of Ella's Patterns so go here to see all the lovely patterns, Ella has a wonderful stall full of lovely vintage, style necklaces and broaches silver and I love the bird cages made from fine cut wood its called Vintage Finds, so look out fro her when your in Eumundi next.
 You know when its Mothers day your not meant to get gifts from your Mother.... but aren't I lucky. Here's Mum with the lovely quilt she made for me. Its looking fine up at the Retreat on one of the chairs.
Happy Wednesday....Stacey.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quilt Retreat May 2012

Jelly Stars ready for pinning.
 Ok warning of photo overload from the start....... Well I have been so busy these last few weeks that I have been very slack on blogging. We have had Easter and went camping with my quilting buddies and there families, as you can guess we blabbed on about quilting all weekend and our husbands rolled there eyes and went fishing, swimming and the usual camping activites. The weather was supurb, and we swam everyday, and  generally had a great time. My girlfriends and I spent May long weekend up at Circle Retreat. We quilted, laughed and watched about 10 girlie movie's, sewing till late into the night. On Saturday afternoon we treated ourselves and had Benny come to the house and we all had a 1/2 hour Massage each. Benny is a local Masseuse, who comes with his massage table and sets up in the little lounge with soft music, its fab. After sitting at your machine for many hours it is the best treat. I have his details if you need them on the front table.
Quilting and champagne of course Darling

Carolyn and Jilly working hard.

Jilly with her finished Curio Puzzles.

Jelly Stars Complete finally

Carolyn and her Blue Lark quilt, sorry I took it after champagne by the looks of this!

Airing of the finished works of the Weekend

all of these quilts were worked on started or finished over 4 days by only 4 ladies.

Sunrise at Buderim
Like I said photo overload. I still have some weekends left this year, so please contact me and come stay I can guarantee you will get lots achieved and have a great time with your friends.

Cheers Stacey