Thursday, September 13, 2012

The unexpected

Ok here is the ugly truth..... I am not a great sewer, I am a jack of all trades and master of none, and thats ok. I can do loads of things but just none fabulously. So it happens that dressmaking is something I avoid because, I can buy lovely clothes at reasonable prices and now that my babies are grown I dont need too right? ahhh wrong.............
Well miss 18 is off to a school formal with less than 2 weeks to go and cant find a dress that is not to ahhh blingy, Hills in Hollywood and just looks like everyone else's dress.
So here I am on a short deadline sewing a formal dress. I will let you see the finished product, fingers crossed. here it is in progress. Yes I hear you yellow, no one else will be wearing this colour I think.

Hope you are having a fun week too.


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Marg said...

Good luck, I don't sew clothes any more for the same reasons. It reminds me of when I used to sew my own formal dresses for balls. Gee that was a looooong time ago!