Monday, September 10, 2012

hibernating for the winter

Hi one and all! i have been hibernating like an old bear for the winter and had a vacation from Blogging, sewing and all matter of things like ah dusting it would seem? i am busy sneezing my head off whilst i type.
The computer and sewing room is in the part of the house that doesnt get the heat from the wood fire so, i have found myself immobilised and couch happy for the Winter.
But that's now over, the birds are chirping early along with the sun rising and i can feel warm again. I do live in the southern hemisphere thank goodness. Heaven help me if i didn't have 9 months of warmth and sunshine I would never get out of the bed let alone the house.
Anyway i hope you all have had a great time sewing and knitting your way through the months. I have only a visitor to show, when i was at the retreat last week i took this pic. This adorable Kookaburra visits the Retreat most days and is so tame you can hand feed him, sometimes he brings a friend.

Happy Days



Michelle Ridgway said...

Welcome Back to Spring and stitching.Love the kooka.

Marg said...

Welcome back, not that I've been around much either!