Monday, October 24, 2011

New York

   Hi all New York is quite Mad with loads going on and so many people it is quite over whelming. I have spent today in the gament district which was a treat for the sense's. So many braids ribbons and ric rac to blow the mind and not just one store but more than a dozen to choose from. We went to the hells kitchen flea market which was wonderful, to poke artound in loads of old wears. I found the most gorgeous wooden sewing box on legs that is quite old with draws, and special hidey holes etc. only 35.00 but I would never get it home.We are staying right in the heart of times square, with all the taxis's and buzz of what you expect. I have tried to get photos posted but with no luck. I hope you are all well and enjoying the australian summer, it is getting cool here ready for winter.

cheers Stacey

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hi all I am having a terrific time in Chicago. The weather has turned rather bad but that doesnt stop 5 determined souls to hit the shops. spent hours in Macy's yesterday and it was fab 7 floors of happy bargains. I havent been to any patchwork stores i will wait till Houston. Saw an amazing show called Blue Man Group..... hard to describe but if u get to go it was fabulous. Great food, wine-NZ of course, and company.
We are hitting the Outlet shops today so when the weather is rough you go shopping not sight seeing Right?
Cheers Stacey

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crazy Town

Wow do you live in Crazy town some times?? Eeekkk, it has been like that at my place this past week no sewing has taken place unless you call hemming school uniforms sewing.. not me.  I have had dinner with friends from Interstate, had interstate guests- not the same folk, I have had late night work meetings- no not a lover, who would have the time?. and then I have.....  oh by the way Mum I forgot I have to be at school by 6pm tomorrow night and you need to stay etc. the other bless her heart Mum I have to be out of the house by 6.15am the following morning and all this while hubby is away. Oh and I have to pack, get money exchanged, locate passport and pack clean undies.........................Just breath and besides they sell all sorts of cool stuff over in the US who needs to pack right?
Dominique by Sentimental Studios
I have broken my no spending till you land in America rule. I know right how could I break this rule but when you can buy the last on the roll for $5.00 per metre hello.....................and of course it has a lovely 6.5metres left perfect for quilt backing. Anyway I am going to be jetting off over the weekend and am super excited so my blog may become more where to in the USA blog for a little while. Where to shop, where to have great meal, where to find the coolest patchwork store in Chicago etc. I will have to learn how to blog via my phone as I am not taking any other gadgets with me. If anyone knows how to Blog via a smart phone Id love to hear from YOU. I am exhausted now, how are you?

From The Crazy Lady


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

school house pt 2

 Oh Joy to get this quilt out of the bag and so close to complete........Well when the hubby is away the sewing takes over, no housework, and only easy dinners will do. Well that's what happens at my place. The kids are thrilled dad doesn't go away for more than a few nights at a time. Oh well I do have at least a few days now and again. Since finding my sewing mojo I have finally got my butt into gear and fought with, dealt with the unpicking and straightening of all the  crappy work in the block layout etc. Let me just be clear, it was all my own work. Slap dash, done bleary eyed with little children lack of sleep but dead keen to play with fabric. This was  11 years ago.... but moving on it is at least advancing right?. I just need a simple border and I am so close to it hanging on the wall I can see it.. I have already pieced my backing with all my country stash of fabrics from last decade. I can feel a celebratory wine coming on.

Cheers n happy sewing.
oops I have just realised that I have made the two gingham houses neighbours? Does that matter or do I need to unpick and swap with the top centre.... ekkkk help?

Monday, October 3, 2011

High Tea


even cucumber was on the menu

 My Stitch n Bitch girlfriends (thats what the husbands call us lol)  and I went out for High Tea on Saturday in the city to celebrate all of our birthdays. We had such a lovely afternoon of little sandwiches and lemon tarts, ohh and limitless champagne and tea. We skipped the tea..... surprise surprise. I bought the high tea on Scoopons for such a bargain price.  We are keen to do this again. So if you havent been to High Tea before drag out your frocks ladies and get to it.

Happy Stitching


school house block swap.

 Well some years ago I was part of a block swap and still have not put them together, I am ashamed to say. .. But  I do believe in things happening for a reason, and all that so now I am on  a quest to finish this lovely quilt as it will be perfect up on the wall at the Retreat. When I lived in Adelaide in mid 1999 I belonged to a lovely craft group of Airforce wives. Which when your a defence spouse it is a wonderful way of meeting new friends who are in the same situation as you.  We all had to make 10 blocks exactly the same and then swap one with everyone else. I wasn't very competent at the foundation piecing back then so I have redone my own block as I kept the worst for me and  part of another girls block that wasn't quite square, but that's ok I think she would forgive me. To complete these blocks I have done (also many years ago) a stitchery to place in the middle, now all i need to do is fix a few little things and put it all together. Am I alone or do you have a bag with an unfinished treasure too?