Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crazy Town

Wow do you live in Crazy town some times?? Eeekkk, it has been like that at my place this past week no sewing has taken place unless you call hemming school uniforms sewing.. not me.  I have had dinner with friends from Interstate, had interstate guests- not the same folk, I have had late night work meetings- no not a lover, who would have the time?. and then I have.....  oh by the way Mum I forgot I have to be at school by 6pm tomorrow night and you need to stay etc. the other bless her heart Mum I have to be out of the house by 6.15am the following morning and all this while hubby is away. Oh and I have to pack, get money exchanged, locate passport and pack clean undies.........................Just breath and besides they sell all sorts of cool stuff over in the US who needs to pack right?
Dominique by Sentimental Studios
I have broken my no spending till you land in America rule. I know right how could I break this rule but when you can buy the last on the roll for $5.00 per metre hello.....................and of course it has a lovely 6.5metres left perfect for quilt backing. Anyway I am going to be jetting off over the weekend and am super excited so my blog may become more where to in the USA blog for a little while. Where to shop, where to have great meal, where to find the coolest patchwork store in Chicago etc. I will have to learn how to blog via my phone as I am not taking any other gadgets with me. If anyone knows how to Blog via a smart phone Id love to hear from YOU. I am exhausted now, how are you?

From The Crazy Lady


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