Wednesday, October 5, 2011

school house pt 2

 Oh Joy to get this quilt out of the bag and so close to complete........Well when the hubby is away the sewing takes over, no housework, and only easy dinners will do. Well that's what happens at my place. The kids are thrilled dad doesn't go away for more than a few nights at a time. Oh well I do have at least a few days now and again. Since finding my sewing mojo I have finally got my butt into gear and fought with, dealt with the unpicking and straightening of all the  crappy work in the block layout etc. Let me just be clear, it was all my own work. Slap dash, done bleary eyed with little children lack of sleep but dead keen to play with fabric. This was  11 years ago.... but moving on it is at least advancing right?. I just need a simple border and I am so close to it hanging on the wall I can see it.. I have already pieced my backing with all my country stash of fabrics from last decade. I can feel a celebratory wine coming on.

Cheers n happy sewing.
oops I have just realised that I have made the two gingham houses neighbours? Does that matter or do I need to unpick and swap with the top centre.... ekkkk help?

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LuLu said...

Don't you dare unpick it. If you move it you will just find another complication in it's new location. I only know this because I've put myself through it too many times. It looks great! Just great!