Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pink Chocolate

I have nearly finished the top of this quick piece strip stash buster quilt. I started it last weekend after buying some lovely Wonderland fabric by MoMo with my sister when she visited. It had butterflies and of course was a must. I hope to get enough time today to finish the top at least. I am very proud of myself. I managed to cut that fabric up in record time and use some pieces that have been sitting around in the stash for some time and not so long, even better. I love the colours so have decided to call it Pink Chocolate also the name of my favourite Clinique lipstick.... lol. I have three more blocks to make to finish her off and then rearrange the blocks... which sometimes is the hardest part.

Happy Sunday.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lifes moments

Well hi, yesterday I had one of those moments in life that as a parents is a double edge sword. My eldest baby having her last driving lesson and her test straight after.... yeah she will be independent, have her own wheels and generally be let loose on the roads....................aggh. she is a good little driver its everyone else that worries me. I wont have her locked in and her mostly undivided attention for laying on my worldly motherly advise. So what does one do for 2 hours at the motor registration place.... sew hexes of course
my Kikki K take anywhere, sew any time tin.

I love this Japanese tea caddie, you can buy these at most of the specialist tea stores great for holding your hex papers.

 so needless to say I got a lot achieved chatted to lots of people and Taylor got her licence.... she was so excited and hubby is quite devastated. He has been her driver mostly for the last 6 years, 3 times a week for trampoline. Last night she drove herself and this morning gone to school, with her little sister.................. of dear lifes a changing.

I best get on with today, I hope you get happy life moments like mine yesterday.

have a super day Stacey

Monday, July 25, 2011

Girls @ Patchwork Retreat

If you have never been on retreat or camp with your crafting friends do your self a favour and go on one this year. You will love every minute of it and cement friendships and make new ones. The photos above and below are just a few from one of the groups that have been on Retreat in the last few weeks, and have already re booked for 2012, that of course makes my heart sing knowing that Circle retreat ticks all the boxes. please look us up and book yourself in. Or find one in your state, if you need help locating one please just ask and I will point you in the right direction.
Now this lady loves a bag or three so imagine what her shoe collection is like......I love both.
 the sewing room a buzz.......
 and of course late afternoon delight on the deck. Thanks for the photos Pendicup Patchers if you live in the Albany creek area and need a group to sew with maybe look these ladies up.

Below are just 2 of some of the quilts from Jem quilters weekend show. The first one is made by the lady who doesn't own a sewing machine.... i know totally inspiring. This is the same lady that donated the quilt in my last post. and the poppy quilt below was a sure favourite, what do you think? More quilts to show tomorrow.

Cheers n happy Stitching


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Patchwork Car

 Well have you ever seen anything like it? you know people are passionate about quilting when they go to the trouble of making a loved up quilt for their car. Great way to promote your quite show though. This is on today as well so if you live in south east Queensland and want to go and  see some amazing quilts today is the day. Its also Jazz after noon for the hubbys. Go to Brookfield Rd Brookfield 4069, its' in the show hall you cant miss it. look for the patchwork car.

 This quilt above is the raffle prize.....I  know totally gorgeous right? the lady who made this hand pieced the top- she doesn't own a machine.......  I know jaw dropping amazing isn't it.
So if you have a free half hour come to Brookfield today and check out my local quilt show, have scone n tea and a nice afternoon out. opens from 10-4pm
More photos tomorrow of the lovely quilts.

Cheers n happy Sunday.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jumpers n Jazz

 The lovely country town of Warwick in south east Queensland heading towards the Granite Belt has a wonderful event every year that runs for 10 days. Its the Jumpers n Jazz festival, they have events running through out the whole time but this weekend is the start. they have wonderful restaurants and cafe's with great bands and food, there are knitting and crochet workshops, and who would have guessed, they are fully booked.
 They dress the  main street's trees, in a different theme each year. This year its starry starry night, its been so popular that groups from all around the district dress a tree. I have only taken a few pic's when I went through town this week. the local op shops get loads of business selling loads of jumpers and crochet, as they seem to feature in alot of the trees.

 This one is funny, it has a life size -kid hanging from the tree looking in at a possum, too cute.
We were meant to be going and having a Christmas in July bonfire at Killarny, which is very close to Warwick but alas children commitments rule this weekend and we have had to cancel. Bummer. next year.
To check out the program go to

Cheers Stacey

Monday, July 18, 2011

Paris Bag Birthday

Well I have been a busy girl and can now reveal my project that I was making for my sista su's, birthday. The Paris Bag- which she loved and cant wait to go on Quilt Retreat or Paris. Which ever comes first.

We had a wonderful visit for her birthday weekend and got out for Super Saturday girls day out.
Op shopping- check
Coffee n cake -Check
Patchwork shopping x2 - check
Vintage  Retro shops- check
Lunch -Check
Indooroopilly shops- check.
going out for dinner with our men.
Sista Su lives 7hours drive away and it was wonderful to have this time together.

Well I hope you had a great weekend too.
 Cheers Stacey

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloggy Workshop and being hexed!!!

Hi there Movers n Groovers, do you know I have typed that in so many times and deleted it but today I will be brave and leave it so you know that's how I think of you all. Those lovely people who cruise through my blog seeing what I am rambling on about today. Well I have been making hexagons since 2007- I know I hear you, and it's all the rage now so am happy that I got in early with the mad and crazy idea of making yes 4000 hexagons. Well anyway my Sister and Mum also are on the crazy yet satisfying journey of hexing. My sister and I have started hexing each other- sewing random hexagons onto items of clothing and sending each other a photo ..... see I told you we were mad. She is thinking of sewing hexagon's into her husbands clothes, like the inside of a pocket, or the hem of his pants, ha what a scream.... So I have hexed my jacket that has other bits of vintage lace braids and buttons. I also noticed a small hole in the elbow area so guess what it been hexed to, like the sports coat of old with the leather patch. I think we are onto something don't you so watch out you may get hexed or do your own hexing of someone soon.

I would of course start a flickr group if I knew how to, or I could create a button  "get hexed" but of course I will have to wait until I have been to Nova's Bloggy Workshop on the 3rd of Sept @ Circle Retreat to learn how to do that do that.  Only because I am not that savvy yet. Anyway if you would like to start a blog or get more info to help your blog along, like me. Please comment below to join in with us for Afternoon tea and 2 hours of laughs and bloggy learning  on sept 3. And then i will start that get hexed group....maybe.?

happy hexing


Monday, July 11, 2011

Bloggy Workshop

Well I have been asked by  many others about blogging, and setting up a blog, and I certainly need blogging for dummies 101 do you? I have been talking to  Nova, whom I just randomly asked a few questions of when I first started blogging just a few short months ago. But I couldn't ask all the questions and seem like a total loser could I??????I had questions like what is pinterest and flickr how do I join in with a  sew along? would I want sponsors? how do I change things with in my blog and is there a blogging etiquette..... yes there is do you know what the unspoken rules are???????????????? ah duhhhh me either. So if you or you know some one who wants to set up a blog, or just some help write a list of questions you would like answers to.  Nova will host a 2 hour bloggy workshop for anyone interested in learning about blogging for there business or personal fun and just wanting helpful information to develop their blog. It will be on September 3rd for all you South East Queenslanders it will be held on the Sunshine Coast for a few hours including a lovely afternoon tea for $25.00 with 2 computer savvy people to help the less computer savvy like me. So please express your interest below, and leave a comment. If this is of interest but the date doesn't suit, please also let us know that to..
So tell your blogging buddies or those who haven't yet ventured into the wonderful world of blogs.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Market S

Hey there, well today I popped over to the Bris Style Indie Market and there were lots of great stalls and goodies to be found. I found myself  a scrabble S to go on my old Denim jacket that I happen to drag out and wear. It has some vintage buttons, lace, braid some fav fabrics and the lovely mother of pearl little buckle. I have had this jacket for some years and don't wear it out enough. So watch out I am going to Hex it.....

hope you have had an awesome saturday.

Stacey xx thanks for dropping by.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Circle Quilting

I have been practising some new quilting styles. I seem to always stipple and its mindless and quick but i thought id best stretch myself. I must say the circles are time consuming. I may make them a bit bigger. So you can guess what i am doing on my last day of holidays? yes quilting circles.

happy stitching

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Circle Retreat Quilter -My sewing room

Last Week I was telling you that we were getting new carpet well that all resulted in cleaning up the sewing room. I had a good throw out and sorted through lots of old quilting mags, etc. So it may not look like this again for a while- tidy that is. My hubby made this wall unit above for me to store all my gear in and it all comes apart for moving. I am blessed. I should really change the calico in the doors to something a little funkier sometime, and I have tried to hide the pillow stuffing on the top sorry it ruins the neat look I was going for.
I have a question to put to you. If you could pick someone's brain about blogging, would you have questions? I have lots of thing I dont really know how to do on and with my blog but would love some help. you this is you  please leave me a comment.

I will tell you more tomorrow.

Happy Stitching Stacey

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunrise and a Winner

 Well hi, I have had a lovely mini break at the retreat and this was the sunset one morning when the kookaburras were waking up the neighbourhood. We had the most beautiful weather, there were people in Noosa walking down the street in  there bathers, togs, swimmers( I hope I have covered everyone's word for swim wear) and shorts..... got to love a Queensland winter. I hope you are all warm where ever you are today rain or shine.  Well a big thank you to everyone who joined in my first even give away. It was lovely to hear about peoples retreat and Paris moments. Of course there can only be one winner and that is Pam. Congratulations and I cant wait to see your bag Pam  all made up and gorgeous.

Thanks again to everyone and if you want to make this bag in a class be sure to pop over to Liisa's blog and enquire about the class in August. If your in Brisbane anytime soon of course.
Happy stitching.
Cheers Stacey

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last day for giveaway.

Today is the last day for my first ever giveaway. Thank you all for joining in the fun, and sharing you Retreat or Paris story. Also to those of you that posted on your blog. Its sounds like there are a few girls still out there not to have had the joy of quilting all weekend with there friends whom are like minded. There is always tomorrow.
Well as you can see above a new project is taking place and the family and I are off to Buderim for a few days RnR so lets hope it sees the light of day and gets put together.
The carpet is laid and its taken most of the day for it to get my sewing room sorted, sliced n diced. not really. I have taken time to look thru some photos and look over some lovely fabric that I had forgetten I
I had..... note to self dont buy anymore fabric.... as my mum would say its it a need or a want......always a want...Its all looking great and will share my sewing room next week with you.
Happy Sunday to all and I hope you have sneeked in some you time this weekend.

Cheers n Champers.