Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jumpers n Jazz

 The lovely country town of Warwick in south east Queensland heading towards the Granite Belt has a wonderful event every year that runs for 10 days. Its the Jumpers n Jazz festival, they have events running through out the whole time but this weekend is the start. they have wonderful restaurants and cafe's with great bands and food, there are knitting and crochet workshops, and who would have guessed, they are fully booked.
 They dress the  main street's trees, in a different theme each year. This year its starry starry night, its been so popular that groups from all around the district dress a tree. I have only taken a few pic's when I went through town this week. the local op shops get loads of business selling loads of jumpers and crochet, as they seem to feature in alot of the trees.

 This one is funny, it has a life size -kid hanging from the tree looking in at a possum, too cute.
We were meant to be going and having a Christmas in July bonfire at Killarny, which is very close to Warwick but alas children commitments rule this weekend and we have had to cancel. Bummer. next year.
To check out the program go to

Cheers Stacey

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That looks like a great day out...