Monday, July 11, 2011

Bloggy Workshop

Well I have been asked by  many others about blogging, and setting up a blog, and I certainly need blogging for dummies 101 do you? I have been talking to  Nova, whom I just randomly asked a few questions of when I first started blogging just a few short months ago. But I couldn't ask all the questions and seem like a total loser could I??????I had questions like what is pinterest and flickr how do I join in with a  sew along? would I want sponsors? how do I change things with in my blog and is there a blogging etiquette..... yes there is do you know what the unspoken rules are???????????????? ah duhhhh me either. So if you or you know some one who wants to set up a blog, or just some help write a list of questions you would like answers to.  Nova will host a 2 hour bloggy workshop for anyone interested in learning about blogging for there business or personal fun and just wanting helpful information to develop their blog. It will be on September 3rd for all you South East Queenslanders it will be held on the Sunshine Coast for a few hours including a lovely afternoon tea for $25.00 with 2 computer savvy people to help the less computer savvy like me. So please express your interest below, and leave a comment. If this is of interest but the date doesn't suit, please also let us know that to..
So tell your blogging buddies or those who haven't yet ventured into the wonderful world of blogs.



Marg said...

I would be interested.

pamkennison said...

Hi Stacey, Thanks for the pattern it came in the mail today :) will get started it on the weekend and post when its finished. Thanks again. Pam

Laura said...

That would awesome! Shame I am so far away :(