Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloggy Workshop and being hexed!!!

Hi there Movers n Groovers, do you know I have typed that in so many times and deleted it but today I will be brave and leave it so you know that's how I think of you all. Those lovely people who cruise through my blog seeing what I am rambling on about today. Well I have been making hexagons since 2007- I know I hear you, and it's all the rage now so am happy that I got in early with the mad and crazy idea of making yes 4000 hexagons. Well anyway my Sister and Mum also are on the crazy yet satisfying journey of hexing. My sister and I have started hexing each other- sewing random hexagons onto items of clothing and sending each other a photo ..... see I told you we were mad. She is thinking of sewing hexagon's into her husbands clothes, like the inside of a pocket, or the hem of his pants, ha what a scream.... So I have hexed my jacket that has other bits of vintage lace braids and buttons. I also noticed a small hole in the elbow area so guess what it been hexed to, like the sports coat of old with the leather patch. I think we are onto something don't you so watch out you may get hexed or do your own hexing of someone soon.

I would of course start a flickr group if I knew how to, or I could create a button  "get hexed" but of course I will have to wait until I have been to Nova's Bloggy Workshop on the 3rd of Sept @ Circle Retreat to learn how to do that do that.  Only because I am not that savvy yet. Anyway if you would like to start a blog or get more info to help your blog along, like me. Please comment below to join in with us for Afternoon tea and 2 hours of laughs and bloggy learning  on sept 3. And then i will start that get hexed group....maybe.?

happy hexing


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Nova said...

Really looking forward to the workshop Stacey :)

You can find me over here...

& my post about the workshop here...