Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lifes moments

Well hi, yesterday I had one of those moments in life that as a parents is a double edge sword. My eldest baby having her last driving lesson and her test straight after.... yeah she will be independent, have her own wheels and generally be let loose on the roads....................aggh. she is a good little driver its everyone else that worries me. I wont have her locked in and her mostly undivided attention for laying on my worldly motherly advise. So what does one do for 2 hours at the motor registration place.... sew hexes of course
my Kikki K take anywhere, sew any time tin.

I love this Japanese tea caddie, you can buy these at most of the specialist tea stores great for holding your hex papers.

 so needless to say I got a lot achieved chatted to lots of people and Taylor got her licence.... she was so excited and hubby is quite devastated. He has been her driver mostly for the last 6 years, 3 times a week for trampoline. Last night she drove herself and this morning gone to school, with her little sister.................. of dear lifes a changing.

I best get on with today, I hope you get happy life moments like mine yesterday.

have a super day Stacey


pamkennison said...

Hi Stacey,

Congrats to your little girl on getting her licence, now the worry really starts baby is in Melbourne and I worry dreadfully when I know hes out on the road, but hes sensible as Im sure your little girl is, we brought them up the right way. Love the take any where tin will have to get myself one, am just getting up the courage to go hexies lol....have a great day


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Anonymous said...

She will be fine......