Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last day for giveaway.

Today is the last day for my first ever giveaway. Thank you all for joining in the fun, and sharing you Retreat or Paris story. Also to those of you that posted on your blog. Its sounds like there are a few girls still out there not to have had the joy of quilting all weekend with there friends whom are like minded. There is always tomorrow.
Well as you can see above a new project is taking place and the family and I are off to Buderim for a few days RnR so lets hope it sees the light of day and gets put together.
The carpet is laid and its taken most of the day for it to get my sewing room sorted, sliced n diced. not really. I have taken time to look thru some photos and look over some lovely fabric that I had forgetten I
I had..... note to self dont buy anymore fabric.... as my mum would say its it a need or a want......always a want...Its all looking great and will share my sewing room next week with you.
Happy Sunday to all and I hope you have sneeked in some you time this weekend.

Cheers n Champers.


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quilterfaye said...

I'm liking this. Is it your own design??