Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paris Bag Giveaway

Hi there I hope you have seen my Paris Bag give-away? if not see previous post. I don't know how to link it sorry am still working the blog thing out. Anyway thank you to all who have commented so far. you have to be in it to win it right, and at this stage the odds are pretty good. I will post anywhere in the world also. Well its been a busy week with EOFYS, and so I am having next week off to go up to the retreat with the family for a few days which will be so nice to relax and hopefully get a little but of sewing done, fingers crossed. The girls will take some friends, otherwise its way tooo boring. can u imagine that. no me either.
We are getting ready to have new carpet laid in our house this week so that is such a big job and I have to take everything out of my sewing room come office.... this is bad news for me as hubby may see what I actually have stashed away in there, and it has been growing rather rapidly this year...........bugger.........Anyway in the clearing, chucking, cleaning  process I found the lovely batik quilt I bought when were in Bali a few years ago for a mere $25.00. It is so lovely. it has not been quilted, its just the top with a rayon fabric backing. My intention is to remove the rayon and replace it with a black cotton, I am not sure if I should  bat and quilt it or just replace the rayon. With our climate it would be nice for summer but not so nice with Rayon it would be a sweat heaven if i dont replace it with cotton.
what do you think?
happy stitching and good luck with winning the Retreat/Paris Traveller bag pattern

Cheers and thanks for dropping by............Stacey


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey

Rayon is a man made fibre from a natural product, it was used as an alternative to Silk ( cheaper), I don't think I would change it.

love the quilt

Rachaeldaisy said...

if you do change it to cotton I'd keep it as a summer blanket without wadding. The colours and fabrics are like a tropical holiday which makes me think of sunny days.

quilterfaye said...

Its so pretty but i agree rayon doesn't breathe and in sticky weather....

circle retreat quilter said...

I am thinking i may buy a cotton sheet for the back in black? is that cheating??? hmmm