Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilt Retreat on the Sunshine Coast

Well the new Homespun is out and so is the new Ad for Circle Retreat. I have had a few enquires and bookings this week, which is wonderful. You never know if people read and remember, when you advertise. Not a cheap exercise but wonderful way to get the word out. Have you seen the ad if you buy this mag i would love to hear any feedback you have for me, should I change the photo? or the colouring? etc
Well this week has been busy with EOFS with my real job and finishing my  book from previous post.... but daughter no 1 needed to bake for one of her friends birthdays at school and i had just read Mon Petit Poppet 'had a great little receipe for these Choccie Afghan Biscuits. so anyway we wipped up a batch and they are so good- i substituted the walnuts for almonds. awesome highly recommend and everything was in the pantry, which always rates highly in my book. I have pinched Steph's photo. Ours never made it to photo stage or in fact they didnt make it to school the next day. oops.......

Thanks for dropping by and id love to hear your thoughts. Stacey

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