Monday, June 6, 2011

a little stash and a question

Well I have been reading on a few people's blog about this new fabric range out from Denise Schmidt. So I thought I would buy some and couldn't resist the idea of the big check in red. I am thinking it will make a great border. so watch this space. I was very good as you can see and restrained myself to just 5 pieces.Not like others who have bought the whole range.............17 fabrics..not mentioning names. but you go girl. Well I have planned, cut, placed, stitched, but not quite completed so fingers crossed it will be backed and binding on, and not get stuffed into a bag for who knows how long. I really hate it when that happens don't you?
Tell me your record. I still have my third quilt made in Canberra & partially hand quilted stuffed in a bag and that was at least 13years ago. oh dear. I would love to hear your stuffed in a bag story?

happy stitching today.  Stacey


circle retreat quilter said...

Hi I have had a few friends of circle retreat quilter unable to leave a comment. I have had a play and hope there are no probs now. anyone want to test it for me?

Marg said...

My record isn't quite that bad, but I have a couple of quilts stuffed in a box from roughly 11 years ago, that I don't think I will ever finish.
I have one quilt top that I made last year that i don't like, which I'm going to quilt and give it away to charity. I'm sure someone else will love it. The ones from 11 years ago, I don;t think anyone will love, so they are staying in the bag for the meantime.