Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do you love to read ?

I don't know when it started for me, the love affair with books that is? I remember when I was maybe in grade 6 at school and I started a note book. I drew it up with columns and would write the date I started the book title author all the usual suspects and then I would give it a rating and a comment. I totally loved Trixie Beldon and any pony club books oh and the diary of Anne Franks. I wonder what ever happened to that old book? I do know that I can curl up on the lounge with the rugby or a movie on and not hear much but read and be happy with my family by my side. I know that I can be rather obsessed and carry the latest or even not so latest book around with me like a child carries it's dolly. But in all my years and love of books there has never been an author quite like this one to hold my attention and re read over and over again. So at least 2 years ago when her last book came out I waited hoping it would be under the Christmas tree, and oh well it wasn't there but I could pick one up or borrow it from the library. But time got away from me and here I am two years later totally engrossed in Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon..............its just at the pinnacle point in the story and my imagination has gone off with Claire and Jamie to a time ... well anyway if you have never read this Author start at the beginning and find Crosstitch- amazingly nothing to do with sewing. When I lived in the Barossa Valley I went to a sit n sew group and all the girls were reading these books so as I've said earlier an avid reader, pick me I want to try these books out.  ahhhhh and I've never looked back. One of these ladies was pregnant at the time she named her new baby boy..........yes you guessed it. Jamie.
My friend Michelle at lemonjellie she was with me as I started on this journey of books, I had forgotten all this Michelle.
Anyway I should write a book recommendation list. I totally love people of the book by Geraldine Brooks. Phillipa Gregory and all the Queens books, and I could go on. Please leave me your latest book that you loved.
cheers n happy reading and stitching so many book, fabric etc not enough time



Anonymous said...

I love all Books by Jodi Picoult and will read each Book in one night.
I also like to read Henning Mankell.


circle retreat quilter said...

Oh yes Christine I like her to. I find that I have to be in the right frame of mind, I know my heart is going to be broken by a tragedy.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh A like minded soul....I love Diana Gabaldons "outlander" series. i am desperately waiting like some fiendish addict for the next book to come out. My Mum and my daughter are also hooked. They are still on Snow & Ashes. I am an avid reader and they become like old friends to me as well...so you are not alone there!Another favourite series of mine has been the "Shenandoah" series by Emilie Richards. This morning I just finished "Tim Wintons "Cloud street". It was really different but I ended up loving it.Please tell me you are as desperate as me for D.G's new book.LOL!

circle retreat quilter said...

Michelle, yes sad to say it, but cant wait to read the next book in the series. I have also put loads of my friends onto this series, just finished yesterday, what am i going to do now....sew I guess.

pamkennison said...

Ohh Stacey I'm just re reading the books, or should I say I'm listening to them.....cant read any more unless its in big print. I love them read them years ago, listening to them is so different, you really get lost in the book.

Cheers Pam

circle retreat quilter said...

Pam I love to read and have the audio of these booked at the local library for my next long drive.. cant wait.