Monday, June 27, 2011

1st ever giveaway @ Circle retreat quilter

"My Paris Traveler's Bag" pattern by Fig Tree for Moda
My bag I made at The Quilters Corner.

Well I totally am in  love with my new Retreat bag and would love you to be able to create your own for when you go away on retreat or where ever you need such a wonderful large tote.(I took mine to Goondiwindi last week- lol not quite Paris) The Paris Traveller Pattern is made by Fig Tree quilts and as you may know from previous post I made this in a class a few weeks ago with Liisa at The Quilters Corner.
So all you need to do is become a friend of Circle Retreat Quilter, if you are not already and leave me a comment about what you love about either  going on quilt/craft retreats or a special Paris moment.

So I will start. I love Paris and everything about it. The late show at the Moulin Rouge was amazing.

I will pick a winner next Monday.

Happy Stitching Stacey


circle retreat quilter said...

oops totally forgot to say I will post anywhere and outside Australia.

fluffy said...

What I love about going on a retreat weekend is the wonderful friends you go with and the enormous amount of sewing you can achieve. Thanks Stace, can't wait for the next one. Nor can I wait for a Moet moment in Paris later in the Year! xxJill

Anonymous said...

I haven't been on a retreat for some time, but I used to love being with like minded people and just enjoying sewing, sewing, class of wine and laughs.


Christine M said...

What a fantastic bag. Just perfect to put everything for retreat into it. The thing I love about retreats are the sewing and friendship and not having to cook or clean up! Get up, have breakfast, sew, morning tea, sew, lunch, sew, dinner, sew, repeat next day!

Luci said...

Sorry to say I have never been on a retreat. Isn't that awful? I would love sewing as long as I want with few interruptions.

quilterfaye said...

Gorgeous bag Ilove it. the thing I love about retreats are the laughter, the fun ,the getting to know people in your guild better and forming special bonds that will last a lifetime. Did I also mention the WINE and snacks..
I've signed up too follow you now that I found you. Happy Retreat.