Friday, June 3, 2011

avitar and op shop finds

My kids had athletics day and their house is blue... and they thought it would be awesome if all of them painted up for the event. The house mascot is  a Penguin so my yr 12er had the suit for the last hour of the day. She was so exhausted she fell asleep in it on the lounge when she got home. It makes me happy that they can still do that.
 Oh and my op shop finds yesterday when I was out n about. this lovely little ginger jar in Tiffany blue will be lovely when my en suite gets renovated, tiff blue will be in the tiles. The other is this never used crochet pillow case. with no insert. I popped a zip into some cute floral( I love a bag with nice lining) and a strap and my boho teenagers are super impressed.
Happy days. Stace

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Posie Patchwork said...

I'm still trying to get used to this dress up for sports carnivals thing they now do. In Canberra is seems to be for high school, not primary. That said, one of my 10y.o. ran in a cute red tutu for her house, which made her very easily identifiable when disappearing off into the distance for the long distance races. All the mums said "we can see your girls" which made cheering easier. Love Posie