Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sew n Sews

The Lovely Sew n Sews
 I love seeing all the action going on from all the great groups that come to stay.
And that every group is a group that I could easily walk in sit and stay and sew with. We really are all birds of a feather and all that Jazz. The wonderful world of craft is a strong bond.
Love this Chocolate Roses I can send you the details of this pattern if you need it?

Joseph's Stars?

I really love this Crochet

Enjoying a cuppa and a read

Loads of Space

 As you can see lots of work being done at Circle Retreat from the Sew n Sew's. Its so great to see all the different crafts that are pursued by this and many other Crafty groups. I love all that inspiration and ability. If you would like to enjoy a weekend with your friends at Circle Retreat  I still have a few weeknds left in August and November, December.

If you have been to stay and not sent me your pics please do so.

Cheers Stacey

Love the Colours.
The Cutting Table Multi purpose.

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