Thursday, November 3, 2011

Houston Quilt Market and Festival 2011.

One thing I know for sure is we need to get more patriotic, there are American flags everywhere.
Hi, well I have been having a super time at Market and have met with some wonderful quilting ladies from all over the planet. As i am here on my own, it has allowed me to join in with others that maybe wouldn't have happened on my own. On my first night in Houston as I was waiting 3 hours sitting on the carpet to go into Sample spree 8pm till 10 pm was sample spree hours- i had nothing better to do really. I met up with these lovely ladies from Texas, we sat together on that carpet shared our quilting history, chocolate, why we were there etc. They pointed me in the direction of where to go and where not to go- avoid  Moda at all costs  as its a stampede. Of course i went to Moda i couldn't help myself. After nearly two hours i was exhausted but so excited about what I had bought, I found those gals again and we all did a show and tell, sitting on that carpet where we started. Thank you Peggy, Amanda, Shirley and...Of course Diane, Thanks for looking after me.
I have seen so many beautiful quilts and have enough photos to keep you all happy for the next year. I just don't seem to be able to post them now. I have so many stories and friends to introduce you all too. Take care I will be home by the end of the weekend. Thank God Qantas got it together.

Happy stitching

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Diane said...

The pleasure was all ours, Stacey! It was a treat getting to know you! Let us know if you come back to Houston so we can get together.
Diane, Peggy, Shirley and Mandy