Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bathroom Reno

 Ok so not much sewing has been going on over the weekend. Hmmm well I hemmed a school dress but ah that so doesn't count. We have been talking and dreaming about our bathroom/bedroom renovation for at least 5 years and whilst i was in Houston things started happening. I came home to new door ways and old wardrobes out and new framework up for a new walk-in through to double the size bathroom. We have been blessed with an amazingly large bedroom. Imagine two large rooms put together and then an en suite and walk in at the end. Well that's what we have, and a 40 yr old bathroom. We spent a few days over Christmas ripping up carpet and painting. I spent this weekend cleaning out my walk-in robe.****** Note to my mother and sister. DO NOT BUY ME ANY CLOTHES OR BAGS. Please.
I have 7 large bags for Vinnies and still have way to many clothes. I am a hoarder of shoes and bags ............Imelda should be my middle name. But how does a girl resist?
Oh the stuff - Hubby did whip up temporary hanging.
 Ah this is only one side of the room the opposite side looks much the same.

New doorway to the great outdoors.

And so Frank our builder Arrived yesterday and things have started. Yes we are going to have a door from the inside bathroom to outside. For our outside shower and tub of course, I cant wait it is going to be so great. When you live in the tropics why not get the wow factor if possible.
I will keep you up to date. And tonight I have a great post re Cakes?

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Kate said...

That is going to be AWESOME. Keep us informed of progress!!! My ensuite has a large window that looks out onto a (very private) courtyard - I just love it - and yours sounds even better!!!