Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Hexagon Stash

 Well can you imagine my delight when I found a stash of made hex flowers stashed away in a plastic tub......... So I have laid them out with the bulk of my hexagons that have been put together and wow I am happy with how it is coming along. Just for those of you that may not be happy that my end result will be a mismash of fabric, colours, and tones, for me it was a way of using up my scraps and being given lovely left overs from friends and family from there own projects. I look at some of these flowers and hate only a few infact I am going to take one out that has been sew in for a good 3 years and every time I look at it, well lets just say its going to the scrapheap once more. It is a lovely reminder of the journey of other quilts and travels with fabrics shared and coffee and melting moments know who you are.
Well I was travelling home via the  Brisbane River yesterday and look at this.............. I managed to take this pic when the traffic came to a stop. You can see a boat with some blokes and the mast of a rather large Yacht that would have sunk in the floods in January. Anyhow I thought how lovely the city (behind the pole) and river is looking and thought my dad a yachty would like to see this.

Thanks for dropping by and please say hello. Stacey

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