Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spoilt on Mothers day

Well i know I am a day late posting this but my computer had other ideas yesterday. But anyway here we are. I wanted to tell you about my mothers day briefly. I was spoilt with my teenage girls making me breaky in bed and we sat and had a lovely chat and caught up on the goings on in the land of teenage girls.. well as much as I could get out of them. When I was a teenager my sister use to call my mother "Mrs 21 questions"...... they will both have a laugh at that. Anyway I was given a kindle... ever heard of that? no me neither and its pretty fantastic, and it came in my favourite colour as well, Lime Green
 Sorry about the shadow that is me, a Kindle is an electronic book, you down load books and cart them everywhere you go. It will store over 1000 books i can loan books to another friend who has a kindle i can even down load a sample of a book and read the first 3-4 chapters to see if I like it. Now before you say I have broken the back on the book industry I have a friend who works at a large chain book store who said it was just from bad management they are closing down. I am currently reading Echo in the Bone by Diana Galbardon. so nice not to cart a 800 page book in my handbag.
 Kindle cover, it has a built in light for night reading...yes so awesome. Thank you family
 This is my eldest daughter, who modelled in the yr 12 fashion parade on the weekend. All those yr 12 girls wore clothing for local boutiques and looked 20 not 16-17 yrs
On Saturday I whipped up this baby it5s a money apron for my Sista Sue- not her real name but what we call each other. SS is having a craft  market stall in Gladstone this weekend so i made this cute money apron. A girl needs somewhere to keep money phone and order book at such events. I hope she likes it. The owl pattern comes from Paula Storm Designs she has a great tutorial for a softie. So a hugh thank you to Paula and she has some great patterns so please go and check her out.
I am off to a class tonight with Christine she is going to help me get my quilting mojo back... watch this space.

thanks for dropping by  Stacey

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