Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organised Treasures

 Are you this organised? I certainly am not but my sweet mother in law is.   As you know I went to Adelaide on the weekend and stayed with my in-laws as I need to do a quick fix on a daughters dress and needed needle and thread i went searching..... Oh what colour do you need dear..........was said and look at the treasure I discovered. This is only one colour co-ordinated tin, there is also a whites, beige and lemon tin a pinky type tin and more. But the array of shades and on the old wooden reels took my breath away. So when it was suggested (after I stopped drooling) that I could take some home I collected just a few to come home and live in brissy. My mother in law and her Mum and Aunt where always dress making or altering something as they are on the petite and lower to the ground than some, so its a collection from many. Poor Grandma had her teenager's paying out on her all weekend, that they were taller than her,but she just laughs and hugs them even more. 

My little stash..................I was very controlled wasn't I.................. next time I may have to collect some more. I thing they will look fab in an old jam jar up at the Retreat.

I also went to my jelly stars  class last night( at Peppermint Stitches Toowong) with the lovely Christine and Doreen we had such a nice time together, and Christine is a wealth of patchwork info and a top teacher, so I think I have my patchwork mojo back but still unpicking....grrrrr. oh well that's life baby


Anonymous said...

Love the spools and thanks for the lovely words, Stacey don't unpick to much as it will keep stretching. You are doing great.


circle retreat quilter said...

Hi there Christine, I put two of my pieces on wrong. note to self no wine and pinning..... lol

Doreen said...

Hi the cotton reels. I love finishing a reel of cotton I have to say. Some of the old wooden reels are gorgeous and your plan to 'bottle'them is a great one. I haven't touched my quilt since Tuesday..but will do some this weekend (before I forget all of Christine's excellent advice).