Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodtimes and a label or two.

 Quilt labels are an essential part of making a quilt with a little journal of who it was made for and why. I love to read other peoples labels do you? Well at Christmas time Mum and I found this cute little stamp and ink pad set at Kikki K, and thought it would be rather nice to put on my labels. I had shoved it in a draw and forgotten about it? tell me you do stuff like that and I am not the only mad woman, racing from one thing to another?

 Madison's quilt got a label before it went down to go into the show, I forgot to take a pic so when they are hanging next week I will.

Every year the week before the Brookfield show they have the Brookfield ball in the long yard of the horse paddock, we have been going for 7 odd years and it's always a highlight on the calender for us, so here we are my man and me. ( pic is really for my mum as I am sure the last thing you want to see is us. Anyway have a super week and happy stitching.


Michelle said...

My Mum bought me a stamp and a 'fabric' ink pad years ago, and this is how I also make my quilt labels. I make a batch and have them and on hand. Hope you enjoyed the ball! xx

circle retreat quilter said...

Thanks Michelle, i had a great time, and oh how my legs ached from all that dancing in 5 inch heels......what was i thinking.