Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paris Bag

On the weekend we had Michelle from Lemon Jellie come for a sleepover at the retreat and look what she bought with her an overnight bag. No not just any ordinary overnight bag but the Paris overnight bag. Did I ever tell you guys that I won a trip to Paris..............OMG it is the most wonderful city and my favourite. Will have to tell you about that one day. Anyway I am thinking that I would love to make one of these little beauties and you can do a class at Michelle teaches there and said that it's a bit tricky but easier with some one to guide you. Sounds like a must to add to my list.
The material needs to be quilted before you go to class and then constructed in class. Its a winner what do you think? I must call Leesa and book a class, then dream about the fabrics, I love the big red roses Michelle great choice.

Anyway I best get off to work so you have a great day and thanks for dropping by. Cheers Stace

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andrea bell said...

babe the bag looks great .im coming with you .