Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home or Retreat?

I love the carved design on the top of this chair great op shop find.
I found this great chair on my country trip the other week. I'snt it great. It needs a lick of white paint and a nice patchwork cushion, but do I keep it at home? it has been great in my sewing room this past fortnight or does it go up to the retreat in one of the bedrooms? great buy for $15.oo got to love Lifeline. I will have to show you the great old suitcase next time.

I also found this lovely little store in Browning street just off Russell St in West End for you Queenslanders its rather cute and has the most wonderful little handmade items ranging from wooden brooches to linen teatowels. Thea and Sami should check it out maybe they would love to sell there wares.
Well I have had a busy few days, with Taylor hurting herself at Trampolining last Thursday, badly bruised her coxic? bone Madison falling over the dog-puppy, whom I might add is being rather naughty. I cant wait for him to settle into life and stop nipping our heels. My little quilting project from last post is coming along nicelyand has a row of Pears, and today I had a lovely phone call from Sandy who wants to come to the Retreat with her circle of friends. So I have put Mark on the job for meeting with Sandy and her friends for a viewing and coffee, whilst I have meetings at the office on Friday.  No prizes for guessing where id rather be. oh well as they say that is life.

 The Puppy Alphie 5  months old.

Happy Stitching Stacey xx

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer of binding Stacey, I will put out a call when I have some quilting done.