Friday, March 18, 2011

Bargin Hunt

I so love the TV show Bargin hunt on the wonderful channel 72. Anyway I was out and about last week and went down this obscure side street by mistake and what do you know... an Op shop I had not discover in 6 years of driving the main road every month. and I found a treasure trove, and felt a little sad that someone has cleaned out grandma's china cupboard but so happy that I was in the right place at the right time and will love it and give it new life.

 This is just some of my lovely bargains. This is Wedgwood pattern unknown at this stage it looks art deco but  I don't really know. I got 6 of the soup bowls and 6 saucers for them to stand on also all less than $20.00, not a chip to be seen but slight crazing in the glaze which i think would be the age. Now who could take these to Lifeline? I bet they have Maxwell  Williams like me and don't love the old vintage. My lucky day.

 And another border on the quilt with no name. Happy Weekend to all. xx


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