Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Country Life

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This lovely house is in the NSW town of Tenterfield you know where the Saddiler lives..... time is a traveller Tenterfield Saddiler........
View from my little BnB cabin.

I stayed in this lovely cabin just outside of Glenn Inness dont you just love BnB's and lovely country hospitality

I did get some work done on my trip but they do take a fair bit of time to make this little hexies.          


Bree said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Stacey - I actually picked up your card at Peppermint the other day. Love the hexies and I love the Tenterfield area too!

circle retreat quilter said...

Thanks Bree, I do hope you will gather your circle of friends and go have an awesome weekend of Stitching and laughs sometime soon. thanks for dropping by.