Sunday, September 4, 2011

blog workshop

I just wanted to let you know what a great and informative day was had at the blog workshop yesterday. We had some laughs and learnt alot about all those little blog questions that some of us were just not quite able to work out for ourselves. So my tip to you is if you live in Queensland put the call out to some of your other bloggy friends and find out if they would like Nova to unravel some of the mystery of blogging. So a big shout out to Liisa, who owns the quilters corner, a wonderful store in Brissy. Michelle who has her own pattern business, Sandy who has also designs her own patterns and the lovely Kate,. One of our ladies is yet to jump feet first into blogging Arzu, but she was dead keen by the end of the Day. Kate has some nice pics on her blog...I phone pic only sorry.

Thanks for dropping by and have a super week


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Anonymous said...

Would have loved to have joined but was at a retreat.
I had a great time and must organise a retreat at your place.
Have a great week